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Monster/Optoma chose a proprietary RF signal, if the 600 doesn't have IR or the RJ45 port, it looks like it may not be possible to use it with the 600.
This is a great 3D Disney title, i've only seen it on my Sharp 30K DLP, I'll have to check it out on the 1100 this week.
That is correct, it will not work with either player without the update.
Joe I don't recall anyone showing the inside of the lamp cover on the 600. I wonder if it's just an FYI, in other words, that's where the RF transmitter is located, or maybe there is an RJ45 3D sync port in there? If so, how would we run the cable for the connection? Let us know what you find. It seems odd they wouldn't include the IR transmitter on this model.
When I looked at several different motion resolution tests, I didn't see any obvious changes from last years models or the previous. I would think improvements would show up in these tests? The CMD does seems better though and its good to see it in 3D which was needed to help reduce the perception of the flicker for those sensitive to this. Regarding 3D, I would say the x-talk performance is identical to the changes they introduced last year, With the CT controls set to...
i've been traveling and missed this post, thanks for the link. it does resemble the PS4.that's a bit of a bummer for those of us that paid retail price for the FMPX1 as part of the 1000->1100 update, this upcoming release obviously makes the current model obsolete.it's good to see the H265 codec included + Netflix 4K. it only says dolby digital plus though
So the drive for 3D had nothing to do with brighter projectors with higher contrast at a lower cost. What else was driving Epson, JVC and Sony the last 3 years. Before then, the market was stagnating and certainly more expensive than now. What projector do you own?
What projectors have you owned and how do they compare to one another. That's the entry price for ranting in this thread... One of my best projectors is 2D only, I'm not someone who wants to see everything in 3D. My original post is that should be a standard for 3D since many of my experiences for 3D at top shelf theaters was weak. It looks amazing with my specific setup, large HP screen is the secret sauce.
How does 3D intrude on the enjoyment of this hobby, limit the choices and increase cost? Imo, the projector market was stagnating before 2010 and then the 3D craze began. Now we have affordable projectors like the RS46, Epson 5030 and the HW55 that have more light output and better contrast than their predecessor's did. This isn't just technology marches on, I believe that the race to have 3D had a little something to do with it. What else really is there to say, if...
Yes the 3D in a fantastic animation like Frozen is gimmick... it looks amazing in the right setup. There is always a 2D version so the crusade to make it go away makes little sense just don't watch it in 3D and let the others enjoy it. Joseph is right, this thread and the predecessor started as a 3D discussion for those that were interested in it since many 2D only folks didn't want to hear about it. The 2 threads combined have a huge amount of views, one of the most...
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