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I'm curious to see what that cable looks like when it arrives. One of the german companies was selling the X-pand sender + this converter
that's some good homework there, nice. so the cable from Sony has to be a 3 Pin VESA -> Sony RJ45 adapter. I was thinking of trying the same thing on the VW1100 since I like the new open frame TDG-BT500A Sony RF glasses.
was the tech serious?see that 1 small chip to the right, that's the one responsible for the toned down reality creation settings. I hope Mark is enjoying the Spiderman 2 trailer.
I better call soon before I lose my chance.
if you aren't running the iris @ -8 to -11, the #'s are similar above that and basically the same clamped down with the auto iris. The 4910 is a great bang for the buck this year. The black floor is definitely more convincing in low APL scenes than the 4810/X55.
help me find one that isn't broken !! This projector has grown on me quite a bit, I can see why it was so popular in it's day.
that's the update I installed as soon as I got the 8130. Now the black level looks at least as good as the 4910 with the clamped iris... I would not trade this primo condition 8130 w/ 90 hours for these busted 8150's I keep reading about.. j/k now I'm curious to measure the contrast with the T10 after swapping the lenses. I'll post the #'s later.
to the OP's question, I would prefer the X500 > X90. The auto-iris is going to create a more convincing black floor in low APL scenes. Better lamp and better 3D as well. This mid-priced model took a bit of the steam out of the previous flagship models. as someone mentioned, maybe this is why they were hesitant to do this before. The main difference between the 500 / 700 occurs @ -8 to -11 on the iris. Otherwise they are very similar wide open and clamped all the way down...
it depends on how critical you are w/ x-talk and flicker performance. I am sensitive to both. The Sony's perform well with x-talk if the glasses brightness is turned to normal. The problem with the Sony's is that their 3D brightness is quite a bit lower than their ability to light up a large, low gain screen in 2D. The JVC's obviously have great contrast in 3D, but the x-talk is still there with tough 3D content. definitely better than the previous years, but imo they...
I've only watched it on the Sharp 30K so far, the x-talk performance is flawless and overall PQ is nice and sharp. I am a big fan of this projector for 3D and it's best in class glasses are the bonus.I do plan on checking it out on the VW1100 as well in the next few days.
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