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^^^ yes, you must own at least 3 projectors to cover all bases. 1 for Sci-fi, 1 for 4K + super bright output, 1 for killer 3D. I think I know what that combo is.
ahh, the slippery road on 2D - 3D conversions. I'm less enthusiastic here than DV. I thought the Mitsubishi 2D - 3D was ok, but personally wouldn't use it. I already have enough issues with certain 3D content that was shot native, let alone a real time conversion. I'll take a look at it this week. DV, do you have any recommendation of 2D titles that converted well on the Mitsubishi? regarding 3D brightness, I have it dead center on my 142" 2.8HP. It's a little too dim...
I certainly don't mind, at least it's on-topic and relevant to the thread... I had a great time looking at these models this year, very hard to pick a winner when i find each one has their own unique way to reproduce the content I like to watch.my problem is 4 of the 6 are still here.....
29.09% larger diagonal 66.64% larger area ? http://www.displaywars.com/110-inch-16x9-vs-142-inch-16x9
it's not that big, 142" 16:9 but we usually see 110-120" as some of the most common sizes. for my preferences, the size of the screen / seating distance is part of the viewing experience so the bigger, the better.
seegs have you played around with SVP? I still have this beefy shuttle box with the I7 / 32 GB / GTX 780 that I should start using more. It would be interesting to see how it looks on the Planar and the Sharp. Does it work with 3D?
who are you kidding, if it ends up making the current models looking like old news, you'll get one...
wow, I disappear for a day or 2 and a good old fashion JVC vs. Sony 150+ post war breaks out. nice.
thanks, that would make sense, similar to what JVC does with the mid / high models.
imo, the most important update that the VW600 received over the original 1000 was the taming of the reality creation. Thankfully Sony delivered this with the 1100 motherboard upgrade.since they both use the same panels, the optical path or lens must be responsible for some of the higher native on the 1000/1100.They also went to town on the ARC lens vs the 600 lens but the 600 lens is still very impressive. Resolving 8 point windows fonts @ 3840x2160 from edge to edge on my...
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