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I didn't have much time to test changes, I was using my default calibration when I made the observations. The RC processing was my # 1 pet peeve on the 1000 and felt a bit of a sinking feeling when I saw the VW600 and actually preferred the 600 in a direct A/B. After the motherboard swap, I knew immediately there was a change for the better. I realize it's not day/night but I know what I am seeing before / after and quite pleased now with the overall performance of this...
YESS!!! can you hear me shouting from PA? I am 100% certain there is a difference in reality creation, I studied a number of scenes that bothered me in Oblivion minutes before the motherboard swap. It now looks noticeably less aggressive and thrilled with the results set at minimum. This is the only area I thought the 600 looked better than the 1000 and now they are equal with the RC processing on 1080P content. This was bugging the heck out of me, looking for...
out with the old, in with the new... hello Sony VW1100. Mike was a great tech, very friendly and naturally asked why I have 5 projectors hooked up at the same time.. TMB party tonight
The 1000 is a great projector but it takes a while to warm up until the convergence settles in so I use it mainly for movies. I would use the Planar more, but the throw distance doesn't really work in my setup. it's mainly about convenience. It's bright @ 900+ lumens, fast boot up and the lamps are cheap. I leave it on for 6-8 hours without thinking about it. Plus the 3D is nice on this model.. zero flicker or x-talk and it has my favorite 3D glasses. it's certainly not...
The Planar color is very good, I don't think you will be disappointed. In a direct A/B, the Planar has the better overall PQ / perceived contrast. having said that, I use the 30K as my main projector for just about everything. HDTV, light video games, kids animations and 3D. I like how fast it boots up and the lamps are cheap. It also has some of the best 3D i've seen out of all the projectors i've had here, so for that alone, it's worth keeping.
I'm not sure I understand the context of this conversation... I have fun tinkering and watching, that's part of the hobby if you're into it. Look on the car forums or high end PC forums, people are always upgrading and trying out the latest toys. no one is obligated to keep upgrading. Like all hobbies, I can see getting burnt out over the years. Eventually I will settle down to 3 projectors and call it a day.
There is a cover for the micro SD slot as well. I really soaked it under running water, the water proof sony is no baloney. mike is stopping over around 10am, I better register for an SEN account tonight and get the puck plugged into the network. Only 12 short hours until i am re-united with TMB shot on the Red Epic MX. Because how can something look so good, that is just so bad...
thanks for clarifying mike. I was hoping Pioneer would move away from MCAA although I know there's a number of ways around it for multiple subs. I decided to use the Denon 4311 vs my Pioneer SC-67 in my main room and the SC-67 for a smaller room + 1 sub. I have to guess Denon will announce HDMI 2.0 support soon enough. I still don't see in the press release where Pioneer is stating HDCP 2.2 support, did I miss it?
I had to try it just to see the reaction of family members... I made sure the seals were closed and then ran it under the sink, completely soaking it. Shook off the water, wiped it down and it was ready to go. I think it's a nice tablet, very thin and light weight. At least it's a decent model and a not a throw-away like many of the cheap models out there.
good deal Mark, Mike is stopping by my house tomorrow morning, he is only 45 minutes from me. only 1 day away from seeing my favorite movie in UHD.
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