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Going to recycle my 65vt60 box this Friday. If anyone wants it, let me know. I am in Montgomery County, MD.
He is coming to work on my 65vt60 as well next month, can't wait!
Yes that is true I dont run anything through my 805 for video, sorry forgot to mention that. It is a pain but just have to change it when you play xbox.
No problem, glad I could help.
I have the same setup except a Panasonic 500 instead of the oppo. I will not upgrade my 805 until it finally dies because there is no need. The only downside of continuing the use of my 805 with 3d components is the extra cabling involved.
I was looking at those as well, just trying to determine if the 3active ones are better overall for comfort, operation, etc.
I am looking at getting the following glasses: http://www.dimensionaloptics.com/Product.aspx?l=00010001000100090000&p=A1S01275 Does anybody have these, the reviews are excellent.
I don't know if this will help but I had the same issues with my onkyo 805 and panny 500. I had hdmi 1 to tv and hdmi 2(audio only) to the 805. I had to turn the hdmi monitor out setting to off on my 805 to stop lip sync issues, etc.
Thanks, I kept my gt30 and st30 boxes for two years and finally got rid of them (needed the space for kids toys, etc.). Unless the wife kicks me out of the house I don't plan on moving so I think I am going to recycle it. If anyone in the dc metro area wants a 65vt60 box, let me know.
Does anyone keep the box for the set past the return period? I should not need it for anything since panasonic and square trade would send someone out if any repairs are needed.
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