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Do you think there are better blacks?
What evidence?
Sorry to bump an old thread, I am considering selling my Toshiba HD-A35 that I have never opened, but want to make sure that King Kong (2005) on Blu-Ray looks just as good as the HD-DVD. I know the HD-DVD was highly praised and as this is one of my favorite titles, esp for HD image quality, I wanted to make sure I would have the same pq on the Blu-Ray.It seems there is quite a wide range of opinions in here. Has the general consensus changed at all or has a newly encoded...
Can anyone help me with this? I can't remember what the consensus was
Were they fixed or improved in any of the newer generations of it or higher level projectors like the RS2?
What about live action movies w CGI like Prometheus and Avatar? You want them to look cinematic but theres animation
I see. Which technology looks more lifelike and real?
Right on. What exactly is the rainbow issue?Also, which technology looks more lifelike?
Cool. Is that the common consensus? What are the drawbacks of either technology when it comes to movies?I'm comparing the JVC RS1 and the BenQ W6000. I will be almost exclusively using it for movies.
A while ago someone assured me that you'd be hard pressed to beat the image of a DLP overall, but more recently my readings have lead me to believe that for watching movies, the black levels and contrast ratio of LCOS projectors, like the JVC RS1, are far superior hands down. Is this the case?
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