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Can anyone that owns this receiver tell me if the Album Art of the song that is playing shows up on your TV when using the AirPlay feature with the iPhone/iPad? According to the video demo on the Sony website it looks like you don't get the album art, just the track name, artist etc. Thanks
Take a look at this HDTV Stand from Bush before you buy. It has a more open design to allow air to circulate and I know the receiver will fit on the shelves (I own this and love it). http://www.bushfurniture.com/bushsig.../Segments.aspx
What exactly do you mean by "... the audio is off a hair of a second."? And, why does it bother you?If you mean that you are hearing the words to the song in one room a split second before hearing the same words in the other room it's probably because the sound from one room is reaching your ears before the sound from the other room does. It's just the physics of sound travel.
Are you sure you paid $699 for the TX-NR809? That would be one heck of a discount off the current price of $975. How did you get such a low price? Refurbished or Open Box?
Thanks for the input Roger. I think I'll try my system with and without bi-amp to see if I can hear any difference.
I plan on using Audyssey speaker calibration system when I get my receiver next week. According to Audyssey's web-site it says: "If your AVR has set any speakers to “Large” or “Full Range”, change them to “Small”. If you don’t, then there will be no bass playing from your sub-woofer!" I want to get the cleanest and most powerful bass possible from my system. Questions: 1. Is it a good idea to bi-amp your front speakers when using a powered sub-woofer? 2. Does...
According to the Owner's Manual it says: "When bi-amping is used, the AV receiver is able to drive up to 5.1 speakers in the main room." Maybe the wording got lost in translation but to me this says "... if you don't bi-amp then the receiver will be driving less than 5.1 speakers." or in other words, you won't have a true 5.1 system. Questions: 1. Does Onkyo mean that when you bi-amp the front speakers that the receiver can only drive up to a MAX of 5.1 speakers...
Chad, I never really understood a "-" number for loudness or it's relevance to me but your explanation makes sense. However, how does one know what the "reference sound level" really is? Is this reference level encoded on the CDs or DVDs? To me, the loudness coming from my speakers at -15dB is always the same regardless of the source. Surely, not everything is recorded at the same reference level so I would expect the volume at a setting of -15dB to vary from...
Onkyo is right, there is no "small" speaker setting on the 876. You need to set the crossover frequency manually. Go to the following link: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1067401 Read the section about setting the crossover by Chris from Audyssey
I've taken the survey and talked to tech support as well about their lack of communication - all to no avail! I think these surveys are all a front just to make the company look like it cares. The survey probably isn't even carried out by Samsung themselves but some other hired survey company. Samsung won't be making the updated version of this player (BD-UP5500) and I think that tech support for our player is at jeopardy. They clearly don't care about the quality of...
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