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Anyone that has a Integra DTR-80.1 hdmi-board lying around collecting dust (or a reciever that can be stripped of it)? I bumped a hdmi-cable and trashed one hdmi-out.
Thanks buddy!
I need some quick input.. How do I know wich side is front/back on the center stage xd material? Is the front the one that was facing inward on the rod it was delievered on?
If I buy the diy fabric and together with Millibell black backing will the black backing come attached to the center stage xd fabric or separated? Will it work to use the grommets and o-rings mounting technique on both if they are separated?
Since screen excellence is now a part of seymour I figured I'd asked my question here since I couldn't find a screen excellence thread.. Is there any good frame build-thread for the screen excellence craftsman kit?
The left side of the text is blue and the right is green. This is visible on all edges of white objects.
No one?It's very easy to check.. Just open the settings menu and look closely at the white text against black background.
There is no black slide, its dark grey and when the white slide shows the ABL (automatic brightness limiter) kicks in and therefore the picture gets a bit dull.
Has anyone else seen the following on their VT60/65? The pictures is of the left and right side when displaying a white picture from an usb-stick and the text is from the menu. This can be seen on all content and is most visible on white edges against a darker background. I have never seen this being mentioned before. Adding a link to my photbuck-gallery instead of big pictures. http://s1266.photobucket.com/user/spuj/library/VT60
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