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I am yet to find a domestic vac that sucks as hard as my Festool shop vac.....given the theater will be handier to the garage that's what I'll be using We've got a Dyson for the rest of the house.....garbage by comparison
Nice, very nice. I'll take a stab in the dark and say that Theo is Greek? The Roxy Theater in Australia has some special significance to the local Greek community (largest outside of Greece). http://www.roxybingara.com.au/roxy-history/ Also happens that I spent the first 12 years of my life in the same town. Anyhow, thought you might be interested in some history of the name.
Hi Mate, All good here.....busy as a $2 whore in the main street of Mount Druitt. Holiday was great, as relaxing as it can be with a 20 month old running around! good though I'd be doing the wiring this weekend if it weren't for a request for new garden beds by my better half.....with some luck I'll have the drywall done in 4-6 weeks and then progress will slow for a while whilst we save some cash. I took advantage of the better AUD/USD rate last week and ordered all...
Interesting, quite affordable too....relatively speaking
G'day all, In my quest to find a suitable surround speaker (to DIY), I stumbled across this: http://www.google.co...s/US20110158445 Lets just assume a "di-pole" rear is a good idea.....I dont want to get into a di v mono discussion What do you think about the waveguide? I will have some AE TD8's to use with these, I thought perhaps I could couple with one of the Mundorf Dipole AMT's (the big one), cross at around 2khz. 2 way only. Thoughts? Here is the off the...
I got my plans the other week from Shawn and couldn't be happier. Whole process too about 2-3 months, which included Christmas and some delays from me in getting the info to them. What I got was a middle ground between the lasic layout service and their other packages. This was due to some very specific requests relating to the ceiling baffle, front wall and the riser. My only complaint is they recommended a $30k projector......which I understand why (noise, heat,...
Nup, the Beymas have been canned. Crap off axis response and Shawn has specified Dipoles so that's what I am doing. If I was going monopoles I'd have Paul Spencer design some for meGoing with AE for the subs because (a) John reckons they're fine to hit what I need them to and (b) they are shallow enough to fit where I need them to goThe two with the PR's will do 114dB at 20hz and about 110dB at 16Hz - so two of those, some room gain and 3 other smaller ones should be adequate
Yep, I had to really press for the second row, its not at all ideal......gave Shawn some real headaches from what I gatherThe plans above are for posting online, I've got fully dimensioned/more detail in my ones for the build.
To do with the limited width of the room I believe, same with the use of dipoles as oppose to monos you would see in their larger roomsYep
Okky doke. Many thanks to Shawn at the Erskine Group for his work, I am extremely happy with what they have provided and the service. Highly recommended. Shawn did say it was the smallest room he's ever done!....erh, probably don't want to boast about that. That funny curve on the ceiling is an RPG waveform, I've always wanted one since first seeing a the little room they advertise it with. Here is a bit of an idea: Progress has slowed recently as we had two...
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