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Sorry, Ralph, but in an otherwise great review I had to call you on this...the correct spelling is 'piques'. I saw it misspelled in one or 2 of your other reviews as well so I felt compelled to mention it. I do appreciate your reviews and have made(or not made) many purchases based upon your opinion.
I already have the standard DVD and watched it a couple of times. My 14 yr. old nephew really liked it also Good movie, I'll be picking up the Blu too.
It would depend on the drug, but I think in most cases drugs are better. In fact, you haven't really enjoyed home theatre until you've tried it on drugs....or so I've heard
Good advice, my parents took me along to see this movie when it came out in theaters. I was 10 years old. Me and the 20 other kids that were in the theater all grew up into hopeless sex addicts. As a matter of fact, don't let your kids see it unless they're 18...that way you're not responsible if they turn into nymphos after viewing. I've seen way more innuedo on the sitcom 2-and-a-half-men.
I had the same speakers(I've since upgraded), PS3 and 705. I was suffering from the overheating problem Tjy5 mentioned and for the same reason...once I got the ohm setting right on the Onkyo it was clear sailing and I'm loving my setup. I've never had any buzzing from the PS3 I can confidently say I will not change my receiver until it breaks down.
Is it in Pure Audio mode? It's the button below the power button. Pure Audio mode disables the front panel display.
My friend's 13 year-old cousin owns a PS3, XBox360 and Wii...he's selling the Wii, the graphics suck and it can't do hi-def. It was fun for a couple of months but now he never plays it. Perhaps if you have children under the age of 10, it would be worth purchasing. I think most people would tell you to let the components(PS3, etc...) do the upscaling rather than the receiver. I own a 705 and love it...although I could use 1 more HDMI input, it only has 3 inputs.
I haven't watched it yet but I'm glad I only paid $11.99 for it at Frys this past weekend. It's a great movie though so even a marginal improvement is worth $12 IMO
I doubt you'd find a quieter projector at the same price point. I've had mine since November mounted 4 ft. above my head and I've never once been bothered by, or even noticed the fan running while watching it....even during quiet scenes. It's definitely the quietest of other projectors I've owned/seen. For you to be the only one complaining about the noise on a thread that's 100 pages long points to something being wrong with your projector...or you. And yes, many of the...
I ordered my A2-300 on the 6th, got it on the 28th. I'm loving this thing! I think I am finally done with my HT system. It's at the point now where I'm seriously starting to worry about disturbing the neighbors.
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