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Went to use NETFLIX tonight and says feature not available. Been watching every evening lately. In fact I do not see the FaceBook app, weather etc...did Sony take these away? Might of found problem..refreshing Internet content right now....that did it..FIXED
What is it set at in your directtv menu? Might not be 1080P
I love BB http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Global-Promotions/null/pcmcat309300050007.c?id=pcmcat309300050007
OP hasn't been back since opening day
Thanks SoM....
I need to do a MP Reset. I know if I Press ON/STANDBY while simultaneously pressing STANDARD and DSP SIMULATION will reset but it defaults to factory preset. Is there a soft reset where I will not lose my info. Maybe hold down Power/standby for a few seconds? I've done one b4 but cannot remember. A-100 reciever. Thanks
I would look for a Sony VW95. I owned a 90 and worked great in my living room.
Congrats Drleeb...950 is a excellent set
Let me know if you find the remote
Thanks Rizz...enjoy the PQ using your settings @ 0 now with back light.
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