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I concur !
The analog outs in theory should be better (player dacs vs receiver dacs). Does your receiver have the newer decoders ( DTSMA,DOLBY TRUEHD ), if not then i would definitely use the 500analog outs.If your receiver has hdmi inputs, the player can decode the newer formats and send them by pcm downconvert..Also if your receiver has auto room correction that should be a consideration. I would try variations and use what sounds good to you.
I read that Disney Wow is a good one.I also have a radioshack analog spl meter to calibrate my system.Both are relatively inexpensive but indispensable for good sound ,
Star Hawk,The main feature of this player is the upgraded audio section (burr brown dacs,better capacitors,and power supply),The only way to take advantage of this is through the analog outs,plus older receivers might not have the dtsma,dolby, truehd decoders. In that case the older receiver can take a pcm downconverted hdmi signal (not bitsream) to hear the newer formats.This player has an ambiguous setup menu,but once set up its performance is terrific.
mfrank1,yes I have a 7.1 system and I'm pretty sure setting your player for 7.1 won't present a problem.Do you have an home theater set up disc ? This would help facilitate your troubleshooting.
Just got done watching the Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton,this movie will put your sub woofer to the test.
Here's my settings : under audiosound effects remaster 1dialog enhancer ondigitaldolby d/dolbyd+/dolby truehd pcmdts/dts hd pcmhdmi audio output offpcm down conversion ondown mix surround encode7.1 ch audio reformatting offhigh clarity sound enableanalog audio output 7.1 chunder...
I will check my settings tonight and post them.I would double check the connections,although you probably did that.
Did you disable the secondary hdmi output ?
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