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Are you using a test disc or the internal test signal to check your sub output ?
Actually I think I do,But I would want someone else to corroborate this. I couldn't be happier with the sound .
Did anyone notice an improvement in analog sound with the latest firmware update ?
Does this receiver have color management in the isf mode, and is the isf mode open access or does it need a code ?
When companies don't bother to train their people about the basics of their product line and then put them directly in contact with customers as product support,I consider that poor customer support. I wonder how many products were returned because simple problems couldn't be solved by customer support.For instance,I had bought a panasonic 65 in. plasma that would have signal drops and the customer support was no help,they were reading from a script.They told me to have...
Your welcome jah07mn enjoy your 500. I know what you mean about customer service,very few companies know what that means anymore.
As long as you have the speaker size set to the large icon,then full range audio should be going to each speaker.
That depends how old the avr is and if it has hdmi connections.The optical and coaxial connections won't pass the new lossless audio formats (dts master audio and dolby true ) .Most new blue ray players can decode these and send them to the avr by pcm down conversion thru hdmi, or the player can send bitstream and the avr can decode it if it can decode these codecs .I would try every connection since comparing audio is subjective to each person.If your avr has auto...
I would think when your setting the analog outs your not manipulating the digital signal at all.I also would think that since the thx standard for crossover is 80 hz , that wouldbe the frequency that panasonic uses, but nothing is mentioned about that in the user manual.I've set up many dvd and receivers ( Sony,Panasonic,Denon) and setting the speaker size to small gets the lfe to the sub.My Denon 4806 does it ,as did my Sony es line receivers, and sacd/dvd es...
Usually when your setting up surround equipment with a subwoofer most manufacturers have a setting for large ( full range) or small ( base frequency under 150 hz, usually set to 80hz) . By setting the speaker to small you activate the crossover filter so the low end gets to the sub. I'm pretty sure that is the way most base management works.
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