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I get lfe out of my 500 at a usable level.when you set the speaker size to small in the set up menu, that directs the lfe to the sub.I also used a test dvd to generate the sub tone.
Did you set the speakers to small . This is done by clicking on the speaker icon in the set up ,test tone menu.The speaker icon changes from a large icon to a small one.I'm not sure this is mentioned in the user manual.
For real? I've had this player for 2 weeks and once it is set up correctly the picture and analog sound are wonderful.The remote sucks,but I have a harmony one.I've been watching all my reference bluerays again and enjoying the visual and aural upgrade coming from a ps3.I've never had a problem with monoprice cables.
what's rec 1886 ?
panasonic dmp bdt500. Worth every penny.
I watched Hugo 2d on my 500/rs35 projector set up last night and I must say,it was the best image I've ever seen.The sound was also impressive,using analog outs to my Denon 4806.I've had a ps3 hooked up ever since it came out.
I forgot to mention, you have to click on the speaker icon and the graphic of the speaker changes size.You have to set your speakers to small to get lfe to the subwoofer.
I had the same problem, you have to record the db difference on paper and enter them in when your out of the test tone mode,also there is no subwoofer test tone.Clearly Panasonic needs to employ engineers with common sense. The whole setup gui is a mess.I've never had so much trouble setting a player up.Once set up the video and audio are stellar.
I have panasonic 65vt25 and as much as I love this tv, the image and overall experience of my jvc rs35 on a 100 inch screen is much more enjoyable and thrilling.A projector setup is an cinematic experience no tv can match.
I was wondering if you could please put your 500 in the system you use your 95 in and give us a comparative report ?
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