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I for one bought this player to use the upgraded analog audio.I run it into a denon 4806 receiver and 7.1 boston acoustics speakers,so I do think this system can resolve the differences.I don't have access to an oppo95 so I can't compare the two,but using this set up compared to hdmi downconvert from my ps3 favors the panasonic by a wide margin.I wouldn't pay extra for features I have no intentions using ,go with the 220 which was rated a best buy by cnet.The oppo is...
I concur,the picture and sound are stellar.The remote is ridiculous.Good thing I have a harmony one remote.You should really try the analog out,I consider that to be the biggest feature of this player.
I have no other player to compare it with,but the video seems better, more refined than the ps3.Does your receiver amp have analog inputs? It's worth it to use them with this player. Joe rod has experience reviewing panasonic,sony,and oppo players.He is on the sony 790 thread.There is a discussion on going about reference digital video streams on different players.Objective measurements vs subjective impressions.Theoretically digital streams should be all the same one's...
I also could care less about streaming,I'm all about the best audio and video quality I can get at a reasonable price.I do have this player and it is a big upgrade from my trusty ps3, in video and audio.The only problem is with the remote and set up,as i have stated this in my earlier posts.
I think that depends on your individual set up.If you are using the 7.1 analog outputs ,burr brown dacs to a good amp, it should sound better.If your going to bit stream or pcm down convert,then your using the receiver decoder functions.The big appeal of this player is the upgraded power supply,electrolytic capacitors and burr brown dacs.
Can't wait for your report.Good form!
Joe, When are you going to review the panasonic dmpbt500.
I wonder how the analog section compares to the Oppo95 ?
I watched Super 8 on my dmpbdt500 and the sound is much improved over my ps3 using calibrated analog outs.The train scene was awesome,much better, bombastic, with much better range.The video has also been improved subjectively.
I just picked one up at bb this weekend, you have to ask them to look it up in their inventory.The picture and analog sound are exemplary coming from a ps3.The analog menu set up and touch pad are horrible.I had to use a test dvd to set up the subwoofer .The set up procedure is not very intuitive and the manual is nebulous .The unit outputs test tone to every channel except the sub,which makes one think the sub connection or player is bad.
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