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I just got my darblet this weekend.I have a panasonic dmpbt500 ( just picked that up too )and a dvdo edge to a jvc rs35. How does the darblet compare to the detail enhancement adjustments on the processor ,bd player,and should I set these levels to minimum and just use the darblet adjustments ?
joe, I run a ps3 with an edge processor to an rs35, do you think I would benefit with a 790 ? Are you going to try a darblet soon ?
I think the fact that Larry is making himself accessible demonstrates a confidence in the product. He is not coming off as deceptive,most of the forum followers are not naive.
Does anyone have one yet ? It seems like it's taking longer than expected to get this product out.
Can't wait for your review.
Does anyone on the forum have one of these yet and if so, any impressions?
I would like to know if anyone on the forums has seen the hw30 operate in 3d at any best buy? I'v been at 5 stores and it's all the same thing. You would think sony had reps that visited stores to make sure their products were presented in the proper condition.
The best buy in my area has had the hw30 hung in their magnolia room for 6 months,and and every time I went there ( about once a week),they couldn't show 3D on it.To this day It still is not functioning.I think Best Buy doesn't care if they sell any of these,they probably make more profit on flat panels.
the dark knight.
Thanks for the info.Which projector is the black level and sharpness slightly better on.
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