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How does the 95 compare to the rs35 ? I know the 95 has better motion.
I have a rs2 for sale at a good price
Other than motion, how does the 2d picture compare between these 2 ?
Quote: Originally Posted by fraisa Cant go wrong because it comes with a warranty,,, What about lost time to get a new one... That really can be a concern. Sometimes fire sales are so low cause they are fire sales there is a reason to move it for so cheap ( what if it was dropped). If you dont care about lost viewing time and willing to roll the dice on it. then You should Go for it whats the worst that can happen other than the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thor The HD250 is a fine projector, but with shipping to Denmark, and import duty and taxes, around 28%, it's going to be too expensive. Unless AVsceince will give me a 30% discount. In your situation the rs2 is a reasonable option.You could alway justify the extra 500 or 1000 for newer and incrementally better equip. but where does it end?you know your budget stick with it.I would definitely inquire why the hrs....
I just looked up the onkyo model and this does not have cms colour controls, if you really need accurate colours then you could buy an Iscan duo for $800-900 US.or a video eq .video processor. I would get the projector set up as best you can before investing in colour processing.This forum is full of hobbyists that want to get the most accurate meter readings that the human eye can't pick up.In the end it's what looks good to you.
Even though this projector isn't as bright as the newer jvc's ,you might be suprised at the brightness.Jvc was conservative with their brightness spec rating these at d6500 best mode.I don't think I wouldn't remove any filters or iris on mine.Do you have a colorimeter to calibrate it? The rs2 has a custom gamma mode to bring in the grey scale but the onkyo might have better grey scale adjustments.Does the onkyo have primary and secondary color management?
I have a rs2 and I love it.There is nothing like native contrast.the hd350 is brighter than my rs2 with the same black levels .A good calibration on these give a 1st class image. I would try to bargain with them.If you don't ask you don't get,but that is a great price.
That is a fire sale price. You will have to factor in a new lamp($350).The magnolia room in my area had theirs running constantly even without content on it. I would buy this over any new lcd projector at that price.How long is the warranty?
I have a 106" matte white screen,and a dvdo edge processor .My rs2 has 800 hrs and i run it in economy mode which gives me better black levels.The projector is 15ft. from the screen and is plenty bright for my setup. The colors in user mode and after calibration are not as oversaturated as the presets.If you can get this projector around 2k US then its a solid buy.I really appreciate the native contrast without the use of dynamic contrast.
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