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I have a rs2 b stock i bought from avs 2yrs ago and i'm still amazed at the image. I did calibrate it and used a gamma trick mentioned in the forums,this made a world of difference. Watched Harry Potter deathly Hallows last night and the rs2 really shined with the black level and shadow detail.
magnolia stores carried jvc hd350 not rs35
Joe, Thanks for the info.I'm considering the avs B stock.I have the rs 2 right now .Is it that much of an upgrade? Is the real color processing better than previous models? I know there was a color luminance issue with sony's rcp.I also was just considering keeping my rs 2 and buying a duo or radiance mini.What's your thought on the latter?
hey joe, how does the 2d image compare between the vplvw 85 and the 90?
Did you ever hear of the saying "garbage in, garbage out"? Any hdtv display truly shines with a high resolution source and the best connection, eg; hdmi or component inputs.
I had the intermittent black screen issue only on component input.The version 3.0 firmware update fixed it. I really like this tv.
I also did the firmware update and I'm thrilled that it fixed the problem.Panasonic should put out a service bulletin and contact the retailers so people don't return their tv's.The customer service rep's didn't know to do this.Thank god for this forum.
ernie, Have you contacted panasonic support on this issue? the more people that have this problem contact them, the quicker they will work on a fix.
Ernie, I tried my hdxa2 hddvd player 1080i component output and it also drops the signal.I agree the picture is fantastic,but panasonic should resolve this issue. I use the hdmi output from my cable box to drive my front projector 30 ft away .
I received my tc-p65vt25 yesterday and i'm having dropped frames on the component connection of my comcast dch 3416 stb.I recorded the drop outs and the tv still does it.when i connect the box to another tv and play the content the other tv does not drop frames. I had the tv replaced today and the new tv still drops frames on component but not on hdmi. I have established a case no. with panny tech support.
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