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Thanks for the explanation.I have an edge hooked up to an jvc rs2.Do you think it would be better to just buy the new av foundry since it has a full cms or just sell my edge and buy an iscan duo?the iscan duo doesn't have color brightness adjustment ,I would imagine this would be added in a future firmware update.
can you explain what a fpga stands for and is?
I stand by my explanation that your projector will give you 1080p when you put in a 1080i input. the way it works is either the display converts it or the source converts it .the sony tech is wrong. as an experiment feed the projector with xbox directly and set your resolution to 1080p and then 1080i and compare.
now that the iscan duo has cms,does anyone think they will bring it to the edge or is this just wishful thinking?
I have an edge hooked into a jvc rs2 and i use a 16:9 screen.I routinely use the zoom function on blueray discs to get rid of the black bars and i don't really notice any loss of resolution.the improvement of no bars exceeds maybe a little loss of resolution but to my eye's I don't notice any.
mark also, set your bd player to 1080p 24hz, my 4806 passes that signal.most blue ray movie disks are encoded in that format.that means less processing and less artifacts.
mark The only displays that will show an interlaced image are crt's.You will see this in the form of scan lines.Lcd,sxrd/lcos are pixel displays and are progressive by their nature.Your projector has a built in scaler and deinterlacer,make sure the film option for movies, and video for concerts is set.this sets the 3:2 pulldown cadence.you might also experiment by hooking your bd player directly to the projector and change the resolution on your player while...
alll 1080p displays convert 1080i signals and make them 1080p,it does this by deinterlacing some are better at this than others.the hw15 has a good deinterlacer ,probably better than insignia and xbox.I would bet if you set your source settings to 1080i you would be happy.try it before spending $500 plus expensive shipping (heavy unit).the projector still gives a 1080p image as it's inherent in the projector.
I have the denon 4806 .It won't support a 1080p 60hz signal.there was a $500 upgrade from denon to remedy this.however, the reciever will pass a 1080p 24hz signal .If you can set your insignia to this setting it should work.You could also let the sony projector deinterlace the 1080i signal from the player,the sony does have a decent deinterlacer.another option would to feed the projector directly from the player with hdmi and use optical or coaxial digital out to the...
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