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I've been using the Sony RMVLZ620 for all my home theater equipment and have been very satisfied with it, especially the macro features. It controls my 2160A very well, where I have the original remotes put away. I purchased mine at Best Buy a few years ago and they will price match Amazon
Thanks.I'm a little confused. Am I suppose to click on your reply of 'Soft Reset here'?. I did and it took me to a page on reformatting. How do I do a soft reset? Is that unplugging it for 10 minutes and then plugging it back in while holding the power button?
We just had a power outage last night and when the power came back on, my 2160A was dead. No display or anything. I can't get it to power up. I even tried a different power outlet. All my other equipment was fine. Is there a reset button or fuse inside the unit I should check or a way to reset it somehow?
My Rovi TV Guide disappeared over the weekend on my Sony KDL46Z4100. This was one of the main reasons I purchased this model. I did notice the TV Guide menu is still up with the OTA channels listed but no programs. Is this what everyone else's TV'show? My next TV or any other electronics will not be 'Sony'.
Try this website. It lists all the OTA channels in my area.http://titantv.com/
Thanks for the info. I do notice that the slight vibration will 'usually' stop after a few minutes of playing. I've also had it vibrate in the Stop position. I do not hear the disc spinning, but just feel the vibration when I put my hand on the unit. These were regular CD's and DVD's that I was using.
I've had my 93 for about 6 months now. The other day I was playing some CD's and I noticed a 'slight' vibration on the Oppo when I placed my hand on the case while it was playing. I then put in a DVD and noticed the same thing. It is a very slight vibration. Is this pretty much normal to have this? I don't recall the vibration until recently. The vibration will start as soon as I insert a disc, even with the player in the stop position.
Probably another reason Sony's credit rating has been downgraded to 'junk'. I also do not see any Sony TV's advertised on TV or the weekly store flyers. I'm in the same situation as you are, and the TV Guide is one of the main reasons I purchased that particular Sony model. I think you are correct about the OTA service. I wonder if it is even possible to upgrade the software version to 10.01. I think I purchased my last Sony product, and I still have and use my Sony Beta...
As I said in my earlier post (according to Sony Support) you will need TVGO version 10.01 to receive the TV Guide service through the internet. I believe the internet connection you mentioned is for your TV to receive firmware updates from Sony. If you still have TV Guide on your TV, go to it's setup and see if you have the option of receiving it through the internet or just OTA or Cable.Instead of running a LAN cable to your TV look into that Cisco-Linksys adapter that...
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