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I work 7.
On the larger depth cabinet, what are you guys hoping the net volume would be?
The first version of the Sentinel didn't get ordered very much because there was no flat pack or assembled crossover option. That will not be the case with the next version. Tux, I think you mean it was underpriced, not over priced. Plus very few people even knew about the SEOS project last year. I have plans to start taking some of these kits up a level and 5-10 woofers being in stock at US Speaker just isn't going to work very well. Maybe they keep more in stock...
I already mentioned that they could be expensive. Power handling won't matter because any higher end pro audio 15" will be more than any home owner would use.If I knew all the other parameters you're wanting......I'd already have decided on the woofer and wouldn't be asking for help.
I've already done that in the very first post, which is why I started the thread.I later mentioned that I would like the woofer to be fairly easy to come by, but that's pretty much a given for any project.
None of what I said puts constraints on which woofer is used. I just said how the speaker should be listed.....new woofers, completed crossovers. But that doesn't really help decide on the actual components.
I never said it wasn't a consideration, that's why I listed it. I'm just not sure it's the best way to go, which is why the thread was started.
I don't mind using JBL. But the problem is when I get email after email from guys asking to subtract off the woofer because "I have an old woofer from my brother's band." It just doesn't work well.I'm not sure what you mean about it being better to use a JBL driver if DIY isn't around in 10 years.A higher end speaker line isn't going to be available for use with a used woofer. That has the potential to make something look bad in the long run. Someone might have a badly...
I wish Beyma was easier to come by. Of course I've ordered B&C and it's taken weeks to get those as well, but it was just one here, one there kind of deal. Being hard to get just won't work very well for me. I'm certainly not set on FaitalPro, but from what I've read, their specs are pretty accurate. The newer B&C 15FW76 is fairly close to what the past Fusion-15 used and I was hoping to step up from that.
I looked at the 15nw76, but wasn't sure if it was better than the TBX100. But I'm also wondering if the TBX100 is going to be discontinued soon with all the changes they're making.
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