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What really stinks is that I had a great design idea to mold the waveguide directly into the front baffle. It was discussed in the 'big thread'. I wanted the 10", 12", and 15". Asked for the guys in Poland to work on them. We went back and forth on designs. I tweaked how I wanted the end one to look, decided on which woofers were going to be used in the end design, etc. They sent me the first 2 and they were really.....really nice and I was going to use them in...
I could ask Jeff about it and see if he can make a resistor option to leave the CD a little hotter. The goal was a smooth non fatiguing sound, but some do like things a bit more in your face. Usually when I listen to music, it's for an extended amount of time while working and I prefer it to be more laid back.
Yes, they're a great company.
Yes, if you look at pro woofers, you will see that most good manufacturers rate their X-max on the conservative side. For example, the B&C rates their 21" at 15mm, but has a peak to peak rating of 60mm before damage. Eminence also underrates virtually all of it's woofers. During that big group buy, I went there to pick up the 220 MFW subwoofers that were left over when AV123 went out of business. They gave me the spec sheet. That woofer was rated at 12.5mm X-max...
No, they weren't designed to play down to 40hz. They can, but they weren't designed for full range use. Just like subwoofers can play up to 500hz, but they weren't designed to and it's not what you would normally do.Eminence rates their woofers conservatively. Most of their 8" woofers have a 6mm X-max, they just rate them lower at 3-4mm or so but you can see it in their specs sheet. That's what B&C, RCF, and pretty much all pro audio manufacturers do. Most good pro 8"...
None of the current SEOS speakers are designed to be run full range except the Alpha-12.Not everyone has your type of subwoofer system, so we wanted a nice strong output down to at least 60hz. A person could always cut the ports a little bit and tune them higher if needed.
Packaged to take a serious beating. I would have liked to see the shipping box damage. They must drop those packages from a four feet up sometimes. It's amazing how some people just don't care at all. It's good to see they arrived okay.
If it was Thursday, I'd agree. But not today.
Need to toe them in a bit more. Which BMS CD is it? Virtually all of the good CD's with the polyimide diaphragms are nearly indistinguishable after the crossover. What you might be hearing is a difference in crossover design. The Tempest was designed to be a more laid back speaker with a smoother sound than people would expect from a high power compression driver. What may sound cleaner up top in another speaker might just be a little louder frequency because it's not...
You must have been rushing. 4 clamps should be okay if you do one panel at a time, and let it sit for about 30 minutes or so before the next panel. 6 clamps would be ideal though. Liquid nails or any other type of similar glue will work fine on the inside though. You might want to fill the outside with something more sandable.
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