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Well done sir. About $8 is the rumor.
Eh, I was the biggest fan of UC1 and UC2 but the third installment seems kind of underwhelming for me also. Maybe because they haven't added anything new to it.. who knows. With the first two I remember not being able to wait to fire up the PS3 again to see what happens next. I will definitely keep playing because I do love the story. Also, I'm peeved at Naughty Dog for giving MP competitive edges to those who preordered from select retailers. Skins and wallpapers...
The wheel has been improved much since it was first carved out of stone with the advancements in technology.. but it's still round. Why? Because it works! This is the same reason that COD fans don't mind that its the same game for 8 years. It's so good.. please don't change a thing. It ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm being dead serious. Look at KZ3, what a let down from KZ2. They should have just added some game modes, some new maps and weapons and it would have been...
I was thinking of getting this game.. have they fixed all the squad, chat, connection and lag issues yet?
Really? You should try to rock Tritton AX720's or another pair of decent headphones. There are absolutely footsteps in MW3 and more so in Black Ops! As a matter of fact the footsteps in BlOps are so important to gameplay (assuming you play with a good squad and play for objectives) that there is a Ninja perk dedicated only to silence your footsteps. The spawn system is nearly perfect because you can't get base raped (except in domination if you're on a crappy team). ...
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...tag=slickdeals $65 on Amazon with pre-order.
This game might be bearable with the Move but with the DS3 the controls and camera placement are terrible imo. It's almost like they designed it to be played with the move and the regular controller was an after thought.
Hi guys, I'm helping a buddy set up his a/v for his sports bar. I need suggestions on a pj which the image will be no bigger than 100" and there is no requirement for anything over 720P or 3D. It has to be pretty bright as early evening hours the place is lit up from day light. The budget is around $1000 give or take a few hundred. Any help with a matching screen would help too, hopefully for not more than the cost of the pj itself. Thanks in advance! I have no pj...
Presets on normal. Container: MP4 Video tab: codec h.264, framerate-same as source, quality- constant audio tab: codec aac, mixdown 6 channel discrete, samplerate auto, bitrate 160 Hope that helps.
Yeah but his hard drive didn't fail. His PS3 died.
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