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Excellent! Now if Page would only give the whole Zep catalog the same treatment...yeah that's the ticket! Come on Jimmy surround us with your Zeppelin!
On that we can agree
Yep, saw the price and while sad (along with the lack of DVDA-lossless) it won't deter me because TAAB has been in the #1 spot in my musical heart since the day it was first released, and just like Aqualung I will get it. Besides I will most likely get it through Amazon like i always do and get it cheaper (as the price almost always comes down) with no shipping (...although most likely at a later date...as they are almost always deleyed) but like I said with the ELP discs...
Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no Box set Yipeeeeeeeeee!
Bummer...just got a notice from Amazon.com this morning that there will be a delay in my pre-ordered shipment of both ELP discs and they both show "Temporarily out of stock" on the site FTW , oh well typical. Fortunately I am a patient person and hopefully these little jems will be in my hands soon Although this may really try may patience if the wait last to long Grrrrrr! Should have ordered from Burning Shed I guess, oh well.
Got mine today and have to say that even though it is only Dolby it sounds absolutley stunning to me (...granted I love this album already so the surround is gravy to go with the meat). It is a fantastic surround mix, Thank you Steven! And as has been stated what this could been with the proper Hi-Rez treatment...maybe if Blu-Ray audio takes hold this mix will get a Blu release...tho this one sounds so good to me I'm not sure I would bite....Yea right, of course I...
Just as an addendum to the above I see that cdJapan will also be releasing Chicago-V; Yes-Fragile; Deep Purple-Machine Head & Linda Ronstadt-What's New all as Hybrid SACD's with 5.1 and stereo audio. Hopefully this is a trend that will allow some of the old oop pop/rock 5.1 mixes to get a new lease on life for some of us that missed them the first time around.
I bought the Panasonic BDM-BDT310 to replace a DMP-BDT100 because I have a non HDMI 1.4 Onkyo receiver and needed the dual HDMI (to get my HD sound back) along with the checkerboard 3D capability for my Samsung HL61A70. Plus being able to wave my hand over the top of the 310 to open and close the door is pretty nifty. And since it sits several rooms away from my router the WIFI was a must for easy updates. And wouldn't you know it Amazon has dropped the price on...
Per-ordered my DMP-BDT310 on May 15th from the big River, shipped on May 17th, received it on May 19th, mailed my Avatar rebate in in on May 20th and received it on June 2nd. Two week turnaround...color me impressed. Never did show up in the rebate system though. Will be watching it today...YIPEEEEE!
Pre ordered mine on the 15th (for the $223 price from Amazon) shipped today should have it on the 19th. Had to work to find the link because I was only seeing the page for the" Video&Audio Center" @ $249...confusing! If you look at the page for the 310 it now shows being sold for "224.99 by Onecall" if you look below that where it says "3 new from 223" and click it it will show the amazon link for $223 and the other 2. Still doesn't have a direct link to the amazon...
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