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Get a cooling fan. I have one for my Denon 3312. The fan is not always on, but for extended use of the Denon, I will turn the fan on.
Yeah, a lot of people love Paradigm. But I have not heard one I like either.
You mean run out of the store, don't look back and keep away from all forums?
I would also stick to having two identical subs. At this level, the actual audible difference is academic IMO.
Question: Is the Ultima2 worth the price over the Performa3 ?Answer: Only if you have the disposable income.
The music recordings and mixing are also very important. Some albums just don't sound as good as others no matter the speakers.Have you listened to the "Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone" and "Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City" albums?
A Klipsch THX Ultra2, Jamo THX Ultra2 or JBL system would work. But something from Revel Performa-series, KEF R-series, RBH SX-series, and Atlantic Technology would be just fine. No need to mix the brands. Use one brand for all the speakers. The subs can be different brands like HSU, SVS, Rythmik, etc.
+1.I can vouch for Revel Performa, KEF R-series, RBH SX-series, and Atlantic Technology.
The Denon X4000 is an excellent choice IMO. For speakers, you might be able to find a nice dealer who could get you a pair of Revel F206 (MSRP $3500) for about $2500. Then get a subwoofer from Rythmik, SVS, HSU, etc.
I'm sure that rumor did not originate from the B&W nation, but I would still be curious to know more.
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