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What could using an amp that is rated at twice the power rating of the speaker do? It could blow the speakers. That is what it could do.Active speakers are a lot more at risk than passive speakers from getting drivers blown due to high amp power. Why do you think Linkwitz discouraged using amps higher than 60WPC when he first released the Orion towers? Excessive power blows speakers. That is why?Passive speakers are less at risk. But it can still happen.
I think the take-home message here is, if the amp/speaker SOUNDS great to you, then it's great regardless of whether it is 100W or 500W or the brand of the amp.
I agree. Moderation is usually the best advice. I think the myth that MORE power is ALWAYS better needs to be put to sleep. Why, audiophiles everywhere might believe it as fact.
What do you think of this author who wrote "idiots blow speakers, not low power" ? He also noted:"If the speakers (woofers) can handle 3 or 4 times the power that your amplifier can produce, there's virtually no way to damage your speakers (no matter how clipped the signal is). ""If the tweeters are rated (honestly) to handle significantly more than the amplifier can produce, driving the amp into clipping may never damage the tweeter.http://www.bcae1.com/2ltlpwr.htm
Really?For example, do you think it's appropriate to recommend a 500W into 8 ohm amp if a speaker's max power rating is 200W?I wonder why speaker engineers would recommend a 200W max power rating for some of the speakers (Revel F206) they designed if more power is better?So why do Revel and other speaker manufacturers recommend a max power rating for their speakers of 1000W or less If they think that speakers are BETTER with 2000W of power?Could it be that if people played...
Yes, the M&K are great for surround sound.
My note says that if the amp's rated power is 3 times LESS than the rated power of the speakers, then there is ZERO chance that clipping will ever damage the speakers. If the amp's rated power is equal to the rated power of the speakers, then there is a chance that clipping will damage the speakers. If the amp's rated power is GREATER than the rated power of the speakers, then there is a much GREATER chance that clipping will damage the speakers.I think as long as you...
Yeah, it seems they have to decide which market to please, but not both - wall mount or traditional bookshelf.Revel decided to please the wall-mount market and made the Gem2 surrounds (Be+ tweeter and Ti+ woofer) to compliment the Salon2 mains and Voice2 center.KEF and B&W decided to go the traditional bookshelf route, instead of wall-mount, probably because they think most audiophiles disdain wall-mount.
Yes on Revel & KEF, but not Focal.Best way to buy is when we have all the money upfront. When dealers smell this, they tend to allow us more discount. We have the "upper hand".Take time and when the right deal comes, buy right then and there.In the mean time, just CONTINUE to enjoy the present system.
The fun is in the planning and dreaming. You already have a system that you enjoy. You've enjoyed it for years. There is no rush.Save up. In the mean time, do more research, more auditioning. You may find that you actually prefer other speakers. You may find out that all the new speakers just don't sound any better than your current system - maybe not worth the cost.You never know. You may end up not going with B&W.You may end up getting a totally different brand,...
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