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Some people also see the CM9's +/-3.0dB listening window FR vs the 804D's +/-4.7dB FR and assume the CM9 is significantly better than the 804D. They also see the CM10's +/-2.6dB FR and assume it is better than both the 804D and CM9.
There MAY be an equivocal benefit. It's purely subjective.For MCH SACD, DVDA, even BD music concerts in TrueHD and DTS-HD, sometimes I prefer 5.1, sometimes I prefer 2.0.But for 5.1 discrete movies, I unequivocally prefer 5.1 (or at least 3.0 if there is no surround speakers).
Only on movie sources that are discrete 5.1 (DD, DTS) IMO.On stereo 2.0 sources, no benefit IMO.
The B&W 683 listening window FR averages about +/-3.1dB, the CM9 is about +/-3.0dB, the CM10 is about +/-2.6dB.The B&W 804D2 is about +/-4.7dB. You should love that since it's worse than the Martin Logan. The 802D2 is about +/-2.8dB.That may give you some info. But how they actually sound may be something else.
Bass aside, they sounded pretty much the same to me overall, especially at volume less than 100dB from 3 meters.
And Revel gives FR of some of their speakers as +/-0.5dB, but we know that just isn't so. Manufacturers tend to be a bit optimistic. When people ask whether one speaker sounds better than another, they will hear it from all sides and angles.The first 2 words from every post should read "diminishing returns". If you have the money, the diminishing return is worth every penny.But to say that one good speaker that measures +/-3dB sounds astronomically, astoundingly,...
You can have the 800D2s. I'll take the house and the car.
How long did you audition the Martin Logan before buying? I think a lot of people listen for an hour and then decide. Best to audition at home. If not, it's probably prudent to revisit the stores repeatedly to audition many times. The ElectroMotion ESL's listening window FR averages +/-3.7dB.http://www.soundandvision.com/content/martinlogan-electromotion-esl-speaker-system-ht-labs-measuresPerhaps more accurate speakers is what you PREFER. I think that may be what it boils...
Yeah, that's what I thought and how I picture Robin Hood - tough, strong, kicka$$, protects the underprivileged and less fortunate. He probably owns 800D2s, drives $250K cars, and lives in a multi-million dollar house.
There goes the placebo effect/ preconceived notions/ bias. Does the curved cabinets improve the on-axis and off-axis frequency responses, and thus improve the accuracy of the sound reproduction?Is that why the 804D has an average listening window FR of +/- 4.7dB and the CM9 has an average listening window FR of +/-3.0dB? Is that why the CM9 is a lot more accurate?The new CM10 is slightly better. It averages +/-2.6dB, better than the 802D2...
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