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Curious, why compare a ported 10" to a dual opposed 12"? Why not the SB1000 instead?
Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
Just entertaining ourselves until more owner reports come in....I see what you mean now....I was thinking of how the 212's on RA's site are stacked....
Those Advents were really good sounding speakers. Wish I had kept mine. I remember the Dynacos were pretty well regarded, was there another model the A-35? Think a friend of mine had those....
What top and bottom facing woofers?
Jack, you just don't understand how golden esh's ears are. He can not only tell the differences between different DAC chips but he can even tell what interconnects and power cords that were used. He is truly amazing.
Ricki Lee Jones - Pirates
Well, if you look closely it is a camel with dragon appendages.... Suitable considering the Tolkien theme....I see on the wiki article that the artwork is more like a pack of Camel cigarettes. I have the Janus release lp so maybe the other was the Deram release?
Camel "Mirage"
Your avr has ARC according to its product page. That page also shows it has various hdmi options so you don't necessarily have to have the avr on to say watch a cable show or so there may be an automatic setting for using tv speakers when using a pass through mode. The manuals should have details....
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