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Cost was 355$ after tax with Upgraded processor, video card and wifi. Anyone think I should call and downgrade the card back to a 3200 or keep it at a 4330? I tried to find a 4330 laptop card for sale for upgrading but couldn't.
Also does it do HDMI audio processing like the SS2300?
Anyone ever get there flickering issue fixed without having to get the set exchanged?
After 2months of ownership and 300hours or so I have now noticed the flickering and it annoys me so much. I really want to get a refund from panasonic but by reading this thread it seems its a pretty hard thing to do.
Well, I have had my TV for a month and a half or more and have put 300hours or so on it. Now that I started watching some 24 seasons I can clearly see flickering. I have never before seen flickering but now it has started. It is getting really annoying while watching 24. Has anyone had luck getting panasonic to fix it or do you basically have to ask them for a new set?
My vote goes towards the Sony 7200DH also. You can get it for 430$ off ebay minus the 25percent off or so. Mine was from there when the 35percent off was in place.
In the sense how the system does with surround and being a sound system I love it, its great for the money. What I have hooked up to it is a HD DVR and the PS3. I have played around with the problem some more and it goes like this. I turn TV on, turn the sony 7200DH on, then turn ps3 on, it has GTA popped in so it usually starts the game and the colors all get messed up like red is blue and etc. I quit to the PS menu and they are still messed up. But if i just turn off the...
Does MKV2VOB split the files also automatically or do you have to do something separately for that?
I just bought the Sony 7200DH and I am having a few problems with it with the PS3. Sometimes the colors are all flipped. Like whats supposed to be blue is red and other colors seem to be opposites. But if I say restart the 7200DH or the PS3 it goes back to normal. Or sometimes if I start GT5 Prologue the colors are all inverted like I said but when I quit to the main PS3 menu it goes back to normal and I can start GT5 Prologue up regularly. I am thinking it could be the...
You also may want to consider the Sony 7200DH it does audio through HDMI and works fine with the PS3 to deliver you lossless audio when you play blu ray movies and etc. MSRP is 499$ but you can get it for 430$ on ebay from a reputable seller. I can't vouch for the quality of the speakers yet since mine has yet to arrive. But from what I read the Sony 7100DH was decent and the 7200DH is its predecessor that does audio through HDMI so it should be a good HTIB.
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