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No. That would be phasophobia.TLK
I never buy an extended warranty on any of my electronic devices. I've never regretted that decision once.TLK
Okay. That works! Thank you. I wish the official Onkyo directions were as straightforward as yours! TLK
Well, I tried both with a spare 128 MB USB jump drive, but my AVR isn't updating when I insert into the front USB port in the "Net" mode.I see that the instructions from Onkyo state that, "You need at least 32 MB of available space to update the firmware." Does this mean that not only do I need the 105 MBs of space on the jump drive for the files that I downloaded from the Onkyo website, but I also need an extra 32 MBs (137 MB total) of extra/blank space on the jump...
Should the USB jump drive be formatted NTFS or FAT32?TLK
It doesn't have the hqv vida vhd1900 processor, like the 818 (and higher) does, so it's a "no" for me. TLK
The search button is your friend. http://www.avsforum.com/t/991666/what-was-the-largest-direct-view-crt-ever-made TLK
To access the service menu:With the TV powered off... MUTE-1-8-2-POWERBe sure to write down all of your settings BEFORE changing them!TLK
There's no such model as a CLD-704. I do have a CLD-79 for sale, which is the Elitized CLD-D704. TLK
New Posts  All Forums: