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re cracking and popping.... I had a samsung plasma mounted above the fireplace that used to do that and found it was actually the ac vent blowing on it that would cool it down very fast when the ac kicked on.... adjusted the ac vent and no more cracking
Like it ! Nice dry response I will bring the average back up with the count of those type devices we have... and most are from this decade .
I tried it, but was underwhelmed - now waiting on the $298 Vizio VHT510 from wally world to see if that does it...(FYI - I de-programmed my tv from the Uverse dvr remote, then used it to turn volume up ON dvr, then reprogrammed to control TV and it SEEMED to help, but not enough)ON the calibration front:just got the Disney WOW bluray and playing with it... once I go through it will be asking questions :but initial impressions are that this BR is GEORGEOUS so far !on the...
Thanks for the input... she does have NICE earbuds, but she wants a dock, so letting her test the logitech tonight... seemed loud enough to me and with the remote, we'll see... (maybe we have a quiet treadmill - it retails very high, but her son owns a fitness supply company, so....)
I know speakers are very subjective.... but looking for an ipod dock/speaker system for the wife's workout room... it's only 10 x 10, but with a treadmill and trampoline, and exercise bike (and dare I say it - her singing between puffing it needs to have some volume... Started to order the Sony Altus Air-SW10T1 based n some reviews here and elsewhere, but it's out of stock a lot of places - must be discontinued? So while in best buy tried out a few and the...
Alright, Saw this @ costco for $319, but hadn't heard of it, so came home to research here... most of the on point post here MADE me order the 510 from walmart.com for $298 and NOW you tell me it has to have a L we'll see.... HAS to be better than the Sharp 60" e78 speakers !!!! and given that I tape over most of the leds on my stuff so we are not blinded by them, maybe I don't need the L ....
Meaning the rear spkrs aren't working properly ? I ordered the 510 from walmart of all places free shipping to the store right around the corner for $298
Been reading this thread since i got the tv in mid Dec and just noticed the portion of this thread's title of [no price talk] ?!! OOPS
Quote: Originally Posted by zpeedster_m Thanks for the info, unfortunately my ancient ghetto entertainment center is about an inch short for the tv + stand. I've already taken out the top self to fit my 40" toshiba lcd tv. well, there's more than one way to skin that cat u can always 'hang' it without the stand, since it will be in a console... why not build a frame inside to support 81 lbs and you got it ! Spiderman would run thread from...
I think he wants to know overall height WITH stand...from myaquos manual:Dimensions in inches (W x H x D) TV + stand: 56 5/8 x 37 29/64 x 17-9/16 inchTV only.....: 56 5/8 x 35 11/64 x 4-45/64 inchso stand accounts for 2 18/64" heightand 13" or so depthhope this helps(you can always modify your center by adding / pulling shelves - what I had to do in the MBR when the hand me down 50" from above the fireplace pushed the 42 out )
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