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Finally Got the BD-C6500 to work on at&t 2wire 2701HG-B And Working again with my netgear wndr 3700 Always worked fine with my netgear( for the past year) but i just did a firmware up date on the wndr3700 and it would not obtain and ip so i just manually gave it an ip and gateway and dns and it connected no problem.. so i bought 2 of these for gifts and it would not connect at my brothers no matter what i did wep,wpa,wpa2,unsecured. the player would say"Physically...
they finally udated netfix, now u can search and see the new releases..
On the samsung Support page for bd c6500 under Downloads, Software...
new version of pc share manager 4.03, just downloaded it
After the update i have been able to watch about 5 movies no problem with the unit hardwired,, wireless i have not tryed yet, but will give it a shot ..wireless on netflix i never had a problem ..
Pc Streaming on this sucks i have tryed everything to get it to work. sometimes it plays for 5min sometimes 30min, i've tryed wired and wireless,even purchased a new gigabit n router,still no luck, I have even called samsung twice and i'm still waiting for a call back from their top techs (lol) i can't even get mine to connect to the N it sees it,then it trys to connect and then says connected but will not get an ip or go online, only G. works .Nope m2ts will not play even...
Fixed mkv recognition for streaming from pc ...now it recognizes my mkv files on my pc and they seem to be streaming fine ...i had pc share 1.5.2 found 2.33 will let u know if i still have streaming issues..
Found Out this thing will not hook wireless n only g ...sometimes movies play for 30sec sometimes 30 min sometimes not doing anything at all .keep getting portible device disconnected.. Going to try a different router and see if that makes a difference.. with the n hookup and streaming ...how is streaming for everyone else...
Unit Keeps disconnecting from pc when streaming video wired or wireless and ideas how to fix just bought a new linksys wrt310n gigabit router..
Internet working fine, networking to pc easy, but unit does not see my mkv, and avchd files and mp4 play back choppy.. had hooked it up wireless and wire.. still choppy
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