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I set my converter to off in the general settings section of the 1522 and it's stayed off. I watch BDs using an Oppo 103 and don't want any video conversion.
I've been using LPCM instead of bitstream for quite a while now. I like how my AVR (Pioneer 1522) handles it. I just don't get the sexy display that you get from bitstream.
I put the 83 in the bedroom and put the 103 in the living room. The 103 looks slightly sharper on BD, I like the upscaling of DVD better on the 103, and I have wireless updating and Roku Stick on the 103. Sound seems better, I run it with PCM, not bitstream. Plus it handles more file types. $500 improvement? I'd had my 83 since just before official rollout, so felt it was time for an upgrade. It had never broken (still hasn't). My 103 needed the loader replaced in...
I run Direct for everything (5.1 source, 7.1 source, and stereo source>through B speakers) and am very happy with it. My only issue with Pioneer is that (on the 1522 at least) there are no tone controls on B speaker setting ) I called Pioneer about it), so the source comes through as Direct with no MCACC calibration. Coming from an Oppo 103 and into some good-sized Kef speakers, the stereo signal still sounds pretty good.
1 HDMI cable from Oppo 103 to Pioneer 1522, no issues at all. Compliant? Design flaw?
I believe there is a HDCD on/on in the setup menu. Try that? Edit- beat me to it
I have an Oppo 103/1522 setup as well. I just send the HDMI 1 signal from the Oppo (set to PCM) to the 1522. I turned off any video enhancement in the 1522, so the video just passes through another HDMI cable to the TV. This setup works just fine for video and for audio (I have audio set to Direct on the 1522, and enabled through MCACC both as a 5.1 and a 7.1 setup). I can switch depending on what type of disc I am playing. I see no reason not to use HDMI 1 only. ...
Pioneer says (I called them) that B speakers do not get calibrated by MCACC- I was curious about my 1522, as I listen to 2-channel stereo on the B's using my old Kef speakers from the 80's. No calibration, so I just listen to music "flat," using Source Direct. I get a good clean sound, so it seems to not be a major issue. I run analog outs (RCA's) from my Oppo 103 to the Pioneer ins, as well as using HDMI. Both sound good (to me).
Mine is fine using a Mac. Try Updating Library from menu bar>Plex. Also try a reinstall/update of Plex software.
I can't recall exactly what I did. I just went to the website and updated. There are pulldowns on each button/option and I just assigned them to what I wanted. I think I had to use the IR method (front to front using both remotes) to get Input assigned. It's not the most user-friendly process, just takes some effort. If you do the learned method (front to front) it takes some movement to get the thing to register the other button you are pushing.
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