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I like the disk very much because it is THE disk if you do not have a signal generator The disk can load a patch at every speed reading of the color meter so no meter is " too slow" The disk has every pattern you need (and more) and navigation is very easy and simple altough there is so much to discover during navigation with the disk. Very professional looks and menu's thanks for your effort and time Ted !!!
just here to report that the BD ISO works fine with my Iconbit xds73d 3D media player using the Iconbit lite BD menu option thanks Ted
Tedd,i donated a small amount to you for the calibration disk.transaction number:2TG28525SF069705MThanks for your time and effort.Best regards,Danny
love watching this
great service in short timecan I buy you a beer with paypal ?
Hi Mascior,sorry to bump in this thread but i am having trouble burning the rev8 version to disk even though I enabled the overburning option in Nero.second disk also failed with IMGburnIt looks like the image is slightly to big for my DVDr disk (imation)could you als send me the link to rev7 ?thanks in advance
Exactly , I have done the same on my LG LW4500 (LW450u in US)ALL picture modes have the right grayscale with this method.
Great !!
when you have no meter use de red filter option because that is the color used in skintone and skintones are VERY important
great work, yesterdag i have finished download and burned rev3 and it is looking awesome.rev4 will also be downloaded and burned soon:Dthanks
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