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The 390 keeps coming up in my research, but it's only available at Best Buy and only in black. Amazon shows it as discontinued, but Yamaha doesn't. The 350 is available everywhere, and as far as I can tell, seems the same. I don't quite understand the different model numbers.
I just did a search and skimmed 20 or so threads on outdoor speakers. There was very little mention of Yamaha, even though they seem very popular and seem to get pretty good reviews. Any reason why?
Still no channel 9 for me.
Nobody? Is this the wrong forum?
I apologize if this is already being discussed elsewhere, but I didn't see a thread on the first few pages. To me, Mog is the end all be all when it comes to music streaming. But it's kaput any day now. Mog users... Where are you going next? My only concern is quality. I know Spotify claims 320 Kbps like Mog, but Mog sounds light years better in my opinion. And preliminary reports on Beats do not look promising. So, what's next?
Pretty much my exact situation. Anybody got any ideas?
9 was gone Monday and Tuesday, but it just came back this evening. I didn't adjust my antenna or change anything. And I'm not talking about a small change in signal strength - it went from one bar to all but one bar. From nothing to perfect. I just don't understand.EDIT: and now it's gone again
I'm having issues with channel 9 too. I'm in Fort Collins. I don't understand it. All of the antennas are basically in the same spot, right? Why would 7 come in fine and not 9? Why would 9 work for a few weeks and then completely drop? Is there anything I can do?
Per the manual, I know how to connect a 6.1 channel setup with a surround back speaker. How does the receiver handle this speaker? What does it do with a 5.1 soundtrack? What about a 7.1 soundtrack?
Those mounts are the real deal. All metal. My speakers weigh 14 pounds each. No sagging. The best thing about them is their flexibility - wall or ceiling, 6 inch extension, three different plates, tons of different ways to rotate/angle/aim.
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