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Great guide... easy to follow... detailed, but not overkill. I've been doing some back and forth this evening... watching a blu ray MKV rip in MPC-HC using this guide and in WMC using Shark007. My wife and I both agree... WMC looks significantly better. The colors in MPC-HC look very drab by comparison. The detail is lacking. My wife described it as a "gray sheen over everything." It could simply be personal preference, but people rave about using the software listed...
Thanks... great reply! I definitely have some reading to do. What about Marantz? Should I be looking at something like the 5007 or last year's 5006?
Merry Christmas! I have an Onkyo TX-SR706 that I've been fairly happy with, however, like many others, the HDMI board is going out and I don't think it will be worth a fix. Budget is $300-$400, but if I have to step up to $500-$600 to get what I need, that's doable. Sound quality is my top priority, although at this price point, I'm sure everything basically sounds the same and I'm shopping primarily for features. I only have a few specific needs in a new receiver: 1)...
Thanks... I just ordered one a couple of days ago and wanted to be sure!
I would like to know this as well.
Just ordered a pair of CMT-340s, a CMT-340 center, and a pair of CBM-170s for surround!
Just ordered an FV15HP!
Thanks guys. Lots of good information in this thread. I guess it just boils down to RG6 vs RG59. I know RG6 is better, but in my application, will I notice any difference?
Thanks guys. Good to know people are having no issues running 28AWG through an AVR. It's a combination of needing more space back there plus more flexibility in the cable. One of my HDMI cables bent at the connector and stopped working from too much pressure. At the price, it's not the cable I'm worried about -- I fear I'm going to break one of the HDMI ports on my AVR. That would suck.
I buy pretty much all of my cables from monoprice.com and have generally been pretty pleased. However, their selection of subwoofer cables is pretty sparse. At around 12 feet, should either of these cables perform differently? 12ft Coaxial Audio/Video RCA Cable M/M RG59U 75ohm vs. 12ft High-quality Coaxial Audio/Video RCA CL2 Rated Cable - RG6/U 75ohm It's not the price -- $2 vs. $4 isn't going to break me. I would prefer the thinner, more flexible NOT CL2 rated...
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