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I just found out my Onkyo has been boosting movie soundtracks 10db. Fortunately, there is a setting to turn it off. Does Denon have this same issue? And if so, is there a way to turn it off?
Sorry -- I didn't provide enough details. The titles fail in MakeMKV. They are definitely movie files -- not sure of the size, but one is 12 minutes or so and the other is 16 I think.
One more question... I have at HTPC, so I don't really need to burn an actual disc. I tried using MakeMKV to convert the files to MKV. It works fine, except two titles always fail -- playlist 10 and playlist 13. Any ideas?
That's why I don't ski I've lived here all my life and only been up to the slopes twice.It's snowing right now... never enough for a snow day though Saturday should be nice... 50 degrees and sunny.
Thanks. I got it to work on my PC. Do you know why WinRar on my Mac won't open it, but WinRar on my PC will? Does it have something to do with changing the file extension? I guess it doesn't matter, but maybe it will help another Mac user.
Brian sent me the same test tone (already burned on a CD and with a portable CD player and 1/8" to RCA cable -- talk about customer service!). I hear the flapping noise with the CD player plugged directly into the sub. It almost sounds like a machine gun -- it's quite loud over the test tone. Brian confirmed it as port noise.Leaking air? Interesting. I'm working with Brian to resolve the issue. I'm sure the unit will be replaced if it's indeed faulty. I bought it about a...
That's what I tried... still no luck. I'm on a Mac if that makes a difference. With Archive Utility: Unable to unarchive "Reference_Links_Complete.zip into "Downloads". (Error 1 - Operation not permitted.) With WinRar: /Users/Adam/Downloads/Reference_Links_Complete.zip is not RAR archive No files to extract I'll try again on my HTPC (it's a PC), but my wife is watching American Idol right now haha
Interesting information, Brian. I don't know the video mikepos is referencing, but that sounds exactly like the issue I've been having. My FV15HP has tons of air movement and the loud flapping at 20Hz and moderate volumes. I am an Audyssey user. I wonder if it's possible to unplug the sub, run Audyssey, then plug the sub back in. Any EQing could be done on the sub itself. This is obviously not an ideal work around (I think Audyssey is fantastic for the most part), but...
Thanks, but still no go."Reference_Links_Complete.torrent" is not a valid torrent file. The torrent file cannot be opened because it contains invalid data.Shouldn't the zip file unzip all of the torrent files? At least that's how I read the first page.
I downloaded the zip.txt file and deleted the txt part, but I still can't extract the files. WinRar tells me "error 1 -- nothing to extract." Any ideas?
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