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Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose of Death
Would love to see a pic of an HU9000 mounted on the wall. Can't quite wrap my head around the idea of a curved TV mounted to a wall.
Having an occasional issue with my 103D, wherein it seizes up on booting, when the front display says "HELLO" and the Oppo/Blu-Ray Disc logos populate the TV screen. Has happened maybe 5-6 times since I've gotten the player since December. It doesn't respond to the remote and I have to unplug it ti turn it off. Not a huge deal, but it is kind of annoying for such a nice player. Makes me miss the old Sony 5000ES tank this 103D replaced.
The PB6600 has been on display in my area for the past week or so, and I'd say from an admittedly unfair judgement on a showroom floor it looks pretty mediocre. I'm sure it looks decent in a dark room. Surprisingly it looks even more reflective than the Samsung F5300. I'm sure on price alone LG will sell a ton of these but some type of basic AR filter would have made it much more attractive....I think I'd rather have a decent LED over this set.
The VSX-80 isn't their top of the line, it's bottom-barrel Elite. With the current lineup you don't get full multichannel pre-outs until the SC-72.
for the last 3-4 years Pioneer has performed a "watering down: of their Elite line with cheaper models that would hardly qualify as "Elite." Often they share the same components as a non-Elite model wrapped in an Elite fascia.Still, good to see Pioneer getting with the times and adding sub EQ.
You may be better served posting these questions on an EU-based forum, as this place is geared towards the North American market. Model lineups and branding vary heavily from region to region. For example, Panasonic's 2013 NA lineup, from worst to best, went X60-S60-ST60-VT60-ZT60. There was no GT model for 2013 here. Other series (ET, DT, WT) are used for LED models and not plasmas. They also do not use the Prime and Next designations in their marketing here, but...
Sorry to hear that, really sucks. Had that happen to me once about a year ago. Sold a DAC on ebay that had worked just fine before I shipped it (Audioengine D1), listed specifically no returns like I always do. Buyer messages me that the DAC doesn't work at all (says it doesn't turn on) and immediately opens an ebay case. He paid return shipping and got his money back. I got the DAC back, and of course it powered on just fine and worked fine. I'm guessing the guy got...
Licensing is not a bad idea at all. Sharp recently had a run at this, via a series of 32/42/50" entry-level sets that were Best Buy "exclusives" and were pretty much Insignias right down to the UI. They're sold for dirt cheap and sell by the boatload. Were they sold for the same price under the Insignia brand, I doubt they'd move much at all. I was under the impression that Toshiba operated much the same way for the NA market via their arrangements with Compal, but...
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