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I think you mean the tx-nr626. The 636 is not out yet
read here..........http://www.tvpredictions.com/sony4k090811.htm
I read that the UK will be broadcasting some of the olympics in UHDTV
I believe you are equating todays technology with what it might be 5 years from now. Who knows what future technical innovations will hold. Toshiba (I think) is already working on a 58inch LCD LED UHDTV that could be on the market in just a few years. The problem is cramming 4 times the pixels into a current LCD tv. Doesnt work. The new display pixels would have to be 4 times smaller. As far as band width, the movie studios have developed a vector graphic algorithm...
When using my DirecTV receiver HR23, and using the tv speakers, meaning that the TX-NR809 is off, (I dont like watching the news in surround sound), does the NR809 still upscale video to 1080P? Or does the upscaling occur only when the NR809 is on?
New Posts  All Forums: