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I need another coffee before I can read that whole post. There are jets on defuse? Thought for sure that would be an infantry only mode.
Good to see they acknowledged and are fixing the sound issue. Mobile sound files explains what I was hearing the other night. I'll snag the season 1 pack while we get 10% off.
I have this too MPH. Maybe try and get some games in this weekend. I haven't played much Fifa since the old Genesis days, so we should be on equal footing.
I have the PS3 version and while I haven't fired it up in a while, there is definitely a very distinguishable difference. Try it on your home theater. It really sounds like trash. If they're going for authenticity, they nailed it.I'll be holding off on updating to the PS4 version until I see something about them correcting it.
+1 to what Hapi said. Medics have the best guns available to them...IMO. I primarily run medic until I see a need to take out a vehicle. I run suppressors as soon as I unlock them. I did in BF3 too, but like Hapi said, I don't feel at as much of a disadvantage in BF4. I have run into a couple that I don't like, but have really been a fan of the suppressor on the AUG for medic, PP2000 for engineer, and RFB for all classes.
Anyone have audio issues with Pinball Arcade? Audio seemed like it was mono. Not sure anything was coming out of any speaker besides my center channel and it sounded awful.
MPH...try some Dogfish Head IPA's. I'm not a fan of IPA's, but they have a good 60 and 90 minute IPA. The patch made a world of difference for me. No trades in 3 or 4 hours of playing. Every guy I got the jump on went down. Not a fan of the new death animations, but if that's a trade off for a mostly fixed game, I'll take it. Did you guys notice if any of the games after I left had a commander? I'm thinking DICE might have shut it off. Again...if that's the trade...
Kill trading had to be one of my biggest complaints - happened way too frequently. Hope that really is fixed. I'm sure it was lazy coding by some genius on their network team.
Those kind of assignments are fun. I think I still have another good one left for performing multiple acts in a round.I especially enjoyed going for that last sniper ribbon and running up to an unsuspecting enemy, scoping in on his head at point blank range, cause you know it's the only way to get a one shot kill with a sniper rifle, then your buddy sheds him to pieces with an SMG to pad his stats. Thanks Trail.
Hmm. Thought I tried that when it released - maybe it was PS3 that holding select didn't work? I recall hearing someone else complaining about having to go through the start menu to see scoreboard too. Feel like a dummy for going through the start menu the past few weeks looking at the score.
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