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Hmm. Thought I tried that when it released - maybe it was PS3 that holding select didn't work? I recall hearing someone else complaining about having to go through the start menu to see scoreboard too. Feel like a dummy for going through the start menu the past few weeks looking at the score.
Did a long press of the options button always bring up the scoreboard in game? Or was that patched in? Snowy weekend with Monday off. Busting out the bucket.
I think Trail really likes the idea of running smoke and IR.
I'm sure we could get Neo to lob in some LVGs once we stun them, then clear the remainder. Inside is tough without flanking. Like your idea for outside. Just gimme some goggles cause I can't see **** in that snow. You know what...might have to try an IR scope for outside. Bet that would help do some damage.
Flash bangs? Haven't used them yet, but would think they would be most effective for the people camping the left and right of the choke point. Key would be for a couple to get through and take a side to clear.
Please disregard my stats until I'm done with these ****ing sniper rifles and LMGs. My SPM must be tanking hard, never mind my KDR.
Regarding the launchers, aside from shooting at air vehicles, I can't find a reason to go with anything but the Law. It's only a few less damage points vs the RPG, but it reloads basically twice as fast. The Sraw sucks cause you need to guide it all the way in, then reload. I can't see the video Shmoopy posted, but love to know what the exact damage amounts are along with reload speed. Guarantee the Law reload time gets nerfed next patch.
Lol. Me too. Makes me want to fire up BFBC2 again and start raging! No, but seriously would like to get a little Valparaiso or Arica Harbor rush going. Take us back to a simpler time.
I watched Star Trek the other night and bitstream led to terrible lip sync issues for me. Switched back to PCM and it was fine. Haven't watched anything else in bitstream, so wondering if it's just an issue with Star Trek.
I have almost that exact setup and I grin ear to ear every time I pop a movie in, listen to tunes, or fire up some games. The good thing about taking your time to accomplish it is that you can continually look for deals and piece together your setup along the way (you're off to a good start). The amps you're looking at can be found second hand quite frequently for a few hundred off of what you listed (along with a transferable warranty). I lucked out and got all my...
New Posts  All Forums: