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With the current firmware the blue screen can be set to turn off when your not useing the knob and buttons.
Here are a couple pics of the amp, 2.4kw X2 M1.
If crossing at 80hz you dont need much, ~1-1.5" should be plenty. About as much as the wiring needs anyway.
We can do almost anything you want or even can imagine on a custom order basis, feel free to contact us with what your after and we can see what we can do for you.
We do have a ton of stuff to get up on the new site still, just been really busy. We will be getting more info up soon though. In the meantime if anyone has specific questions feel free to ask.
We have been super busy the past few months, not only with orders but we have also been upgrading our manufacturing facilities and working on a new website, in fact we just put up the new website. You may notice there is some missing information etc as we are still finishing it up, please bear with us.
I agree with most of what your saying but I must comment on one thing; there is no particular reason the amplifier should have any problems sooner than the driver, they should both last a very long time.
They are 16.5" high 10" wide 12" deep. f3 is 47hz, f10 is 40hz. They weigh 23lbs each.
The 6.1.P's are 89 db/W We are working hard to get all the info up on the site for the new products, in the meantime feel free to ask questions.
The DSP is actually "part" of the amplifier as it runs it. And yes we can for sure do the amplification outboard, adds slightly to the cost however. AcuDefTechGuy, shoot me an email if your interested in trying out the 6.1.P's. The 6.1.P's are 2650/pair, the 8.2.P's are 5250/pair, and the 8.7.P's are introductory price until Jan 2014 of 19,875/pair(to be 24,845/pair). For the 8.7.P's we will also be offering an in home setup/tuning for your room and or taste, for a fee.
New Posts  All Forums: