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That worked, thanks!
That's OK...one time thing...was curious about the number of hours on the TV since I bought it as a display on the wall at Best Buy (they didn't have anymore for sale).;
Thanks, went through the manual and it didnt' say anything about a SERVICE MENu.
Hey guys, Just wondering if someone can tell me how you got to the SERVICE MENU. I bought this TV as open item, so it did not come with the manual. Thanks.
Hello, I currently have an NVIDIA graphics card that has dual DVI out. I use one of the DVI ports with an HDMI adapter so I can get a video signal to my HDTV. Problem is, I play the audio off my computer speakers since the computer is next to the TV! I want to get my computer out of the living room and back into my home office. Does anyone have a practical solution to run high quality video and audio from the office room to the living room and into the TV?...
Thanks for the feedback. Looks good on the TV.
I just installed an antenna in my attic and needed to extend my RG-6 coaxial cable to reach the atenna, so I found a 5ft RG-59/u cable and extended the reach by putting a coaxial cable coupler (2 ends female) in between the RG6 and RG59. Is this OK? Loss of quality?
Does anyone know where I can find the service menu in this TV? Thanks.
Nevermind, all I had to do was move it a bit
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