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Thank you ferbal !!
I have been enjoying the 8000 trouble free several months now. I have surpassed 1800 hours on the bulb. I am running it the normal setting with the eco mode on. The bulb is still bright. I want to replace the bulb before it "blows" to prevent any damage to the projector. Does anybody have more hours on their 8000?
Does anybody have any calibration settings or a suggestion as to were to get them for the PT 8000?
I am using a 125 inch 16:9 AT screen with a 1.1 gain and are using it eco mode with plenty of brightness in a light controlled room.
Same here at 550 hours no hint of flicker.
Depending on whether you go AT or not. AT are a little more expensive Regular 4k fixed can be had relatively cheap. Just set up my 125" and it looks great!
I just bought the 8000 and eastporters demoed the 7000 with the elunevision. It looked fantastic and on budget. I will be ordering their audioweave this week..,
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