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Watched this on Bluray via Redbox last night. I enjoyed it, the opening scene when everything goes south was outstanding, it was really effective at conveying the chaos that ensues when things go south fast. Likewise the scene midway through when the place they thought was safe turned out not to be so, the way they show everything going haywire was great. There are definitely some valid nits to pick, the plot was too linear and the ending was too tidy in a War of the...
Funny those are also my favorites from those albums.St. Anger was a zero for me but I love Death Magnetic (guitar hero version naturally), I put several of it's songs in the top tier with the best of the 80s stuff.x10. They're my favorite or second favorite band but I've always found them to come across as just plain weird in interviews. Their in-concert banter does nothing for me.jeff
I deleted the game and DLC, redownloaded everything at once, and now the new ones show up. That seems to be the trick. jeff
Well I've cleared the cache and still no luck. In the meantime I finished all the challenge modes of the Awakening and Borderlands maps. I'll try deleting and re-downloading everything next.
Watched this on BR tonight from the Redbox, really enjoyed it. I think I liked it better than Elysium. Both were flawed for sure, but Elysium's tended to be flaws of specific story elements while Oblivion's were more of the high-level plot elements. [[SPOILER]] A parallel to another story that jumped to mind mind was... [[SPOILER]] jeff
Resurrecting this old thread - I picked this up via Games for Gold, thoroughly enjoying it. I grabbed DLC map packs 1-4, but they're not showing up on the list. It still just shows Awakening and Borderlands. Any ideas?
Saw Elysium last night, I think I had a similar reaction to many others. I enjoyed it but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped it'd be. The settings, the imaginative weapons and effects, the plot concept, the action, etc were terrific. I found that there were simply way too many "convenient" plot points for it to be believable and coherent. The main plot item was much too reminiscent of Independence Day. And of course it was an allegory for a number of current issues, and...
Step back from the ledge man. There is a ton of really great feedback on many non-Kinect related aspects of the One coming out (games, the controllers, the interface, how quiet it is, etc), statements like the above make you sound like a crazy person.
Don't know much about computer architecture but if in fact there's 8 GB of "hidden" RAM in the One, for whatever purpose, it's hilarious (and consistent with their other marketing missteps) that they've failed to mention it to date. In the game of spec-oneupsmanship being able to tout twice the RAM of your competitor is impressive. Can't wait to find out what it's for.jeff
I watched this the other night and had a similar feeling. I found it slow and sorta boring, at one point I realized my mind was wandering and I had to rewind a few minutes and start paying attention again. I'm questioning myself, am I actually some sort of dullard because this movie didn't do anything for me? Anyway glad to hear I'm not alone.I will point out that the BD picture quality was awesome, I've got 5+ year old 50" Panasonic PX77U and it was stunning at times....
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