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The snarky digs keep coming, bcruiser just can't help himself.Here's what I said about Prometheus when I first posted about it in the main thread:andI still think it's a valid take and has a lot in common with what some of the people who ended up with more positive overall opinions have to say, in the original thread and in this one. But since I dare to debate some points with bcruiser apparently I'm a troll/senile retiree/mumbler jeff
Oh bcruiser I thought we were on track for a higher level of discourse after you (or someone) deleted your post calling me a troll. Just had to get that last word in didn't you. Who's trolling now? Multiple viewings didn't seem to help gswat pick up on all those sublte visual and verbal details you speak of to allow him penetrate the vagueness, or say to "get a grip" on it, so I'm not sure if it would have been any help to me either. jeff
No apologies required or even requested The other thread does a good job of covering all the other (non-Fifield and the other dude) problems us non-fans had with the film, no need to repeat here.jeff
+1Loved Alien, Aliens, and several other RS movies and really was looking forward to Prometheus. The building blocks so to speak were terrific but in the end it just didn't work so the disappointment was multiplied.jeff
ha, no I'm not. Are you?
Good one Aliens. No wonder the Engineers were getting ready to come back to Earth to kill us (us angering them by crucifying Jesus is one of the theories out there right?) It is the topic that keeps on giving and I'm as guilty as anyone
I don't know why I'm subjecting myself to this but here it goes...As I've said a couple dozen times, if it's in the script but not in the movie then there's no sense referencing it because it's not in the movie which is the product we're talking about here, especially as it relates to the director's responsibility for that end product. So your direction that we "need to compare" the script to the actual movie is a non-starter.Ok you've bolded the words "omitted" and...
Good Lord you are dense. You love to quibble with minutiae and play semantics. You said the following:So you're telling people who are critical of these characters that we need to compare the script to the movie to find the differences. If that is not a suggestion that something was omitted that would have helped the movie I don't know what is.re. what the crew thought of the mission:This is your favorite device. I recall some of them (don't recall exactly if it was...
MS has a very long view of things and believes that in the end Kinect will lead to more profit - presumably they've done the analysis and are willing to trade some sales to folks like you for sales to people who otherwise wouldn't have bought it. I'm sure they're also planning to expand the tech across platforms and applications and see Xbox One as an important way to further that effort. Time will tell if they're right or wrong but you can't make any conclusions just...
Ah so I haven't met the bcruiser standard of knowledge on this one? I watched the movie once without distraction so I feel I'm qualified to comment on it even if I haven't read the script. As for your last point, we'd have to say the same about you so I guess we have something in common But I'm not saying anything about the source material, aside from what of it made it onto film. And that's my whole point - if some scene or dialogue was omitted that would have helped...
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