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I read the TX-NR809 manual on the European Onkyo but I can't determine if the receiver supports HDMI output of separate sources simultaneously. Do you think it can output blu ray and cable HDMI inputs to separate TV's at once ? The TX-NR3008 supported composite video output in zone 2, however I haven't been able to determine if the 809 or 1009 has this feature.
I am disappointed/confused. The 3008 doesn't seem to be a significant improvement over the 3007. Can the Reon VX perform noise reduction on 1080p material ? The 2010 high end Yamahas have the new HQV Vida (1900) which should be used in a video scenario with 1080p 3D content.
I am disappointed with the 2311, 3311, and 4311 specs as indicated in the press release. The changes seem barely incremental at best. Adding flickr and image streaming to the audio streaming from last year, shouldn't be applauded since it should have been in last's year's product. Then, Denon added the ABT 2010 VRS chip to the 2009 lineup but didn't implement PReP, as one of the main benefits of the chip. I wonder/doubt whether the video chip will provide noise reduction...
Does anyone know if Oppo intends to use the HQV Vida for a 3D or refreshed blu-ray player in the near future ? I reviewed reports on Cedia 2010 which described ABT and IDT video processing chips on display. While the ABT chips didn't improve their handling of high definition noise sources, IDT (Vida chip) seemed to handle it on the fly. They also promised that a few AVR's and Blu ray players should have it in 2010. As a comparison, the Vida was regarded as superior to the...
I agree with the renewed interest in Vizio's new LED/LCD offering. Some plasma manufacturers have hid behind better black levels and full HD motion resolution. If HDTV's work as advertised, these things should be taken for granted. I support the additional viewing and connectivity features of the Vizio.
D-Nice, can you say which models would get a colour management system ? Will panasonic make a standard refresh rate of 96Hz or 120 Hz and just drop the 48Hz for 24p playback ? I have seen information on the web suggesting that 3D TV's will have 120 Hz refresh rate, seems like 3:2 pull for left and right images. Is this a correct assumption ?
Great review Joerod. I would like to know if the Reon VX on the 5507 is the same chip used in the 3007. Also, you mentioned that the edge enhancement work, does it mean the block, mosquito and random noise reduction are ineffective for high definition sources ?
Do you have any proof ? I am not posing the question aggressively, but some folks said it wasn't activated. Feel free to post screen shots of test video material that supports the activation of PReP.
Can you confirm if the video (reon) chip applies noise reduction to high definition sources (720p, 1080i, 1080p) such as camcorder input over hdmi or high def cable signals ?The Reon VX homepage states that the chip outputs 10 bits after maintaining 12 bit internal calculation precision. It shouldn't be a problem for 8 bit TV displays.
thanks for this information, it seems as though calibration through the receiver should be a relatively simple task. Can you confirm if the video (reon) chip applies noise reduction to high definition sources (720p, 1080i, 1080p) such as camcorder input over hdmi or high def cable signals ?
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