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 Atmos-enabled AVRs with us this fall?  Care to have a bet? ;) Instead of the selective quoting why not quote the whole relevant sentences: "Dolby is working with leading silicon partners to integrate Dolby AC-4 capabilities into the next-gen chipsets for CE devices by early 2015. The new experiences enabled by Dolby AC-4 will be available on STB, TVs, and mobile devices by the end of 2015." As it clearly says, the new object-enabled units will be here 'early 2015' which...
It's the delays he is trying to sort not the levels. The delays are interdependent.
If you feed the sub output into a miniDSP, you can then vary the sub delays on the miniDSP output individually I believe (I have no direct experience with the miniDSP so ICBW).
 Thanks. I did try lifting the shield and soldering it back together but it made no difference. I am now using XLR-XLR from the processor to sub, and still no difference. It is inherent in the amp design according to Mark Seaton. It probably always has been but going from the 1000 watt amps to the 6000 watt has made it noticeable. Other than messing up the waterfall, it isn't worrying me any as it can only be heard if I put my ear 1 inch from the driver. Impressive that...
 Yes - three different measurements - as it is, with nothing at all, with PF - would do it. I'll try to do this after Easter and see what the outcome is.  If the PF makes no difference, I can shove it in the attic where it will augment the existing insulation, so no loss or waste. Air gap is about 3 inches, I just checked - I didn’t velcro the blackout to the wooden window frame as I thought - it is velcroed to the inside of the recess. IDK why I did it that way but it...
 Or how about what kiwi2 doesn’t know. That would make a huge thread eh? ;)
 You missed what I wrote.  Speakers rarely reproduce anything of significance, at high SPL, below 30Hz. Subs do.  The thing that is different about subs from speakers is that subs dig down into single digits quite often, and they play loud at <20Hz. Speakers don't. So subs demand more power. This is so obvious it isn't worth discussing,
 The point is that to dig really deep is massively demanding of amp power if Reference level bass is to be achieved. Almost no 'full range' speakers dig below 30Hz so the requirement for power is way less. But to reproduce <20Hz at 115dB takes serious amps, which is what are found in serious subs, for that very reason.
Agreed. I'll put it in thin plastic if I try it out.  Got to be worth a go - cheap and easy... not often we can say that is it?
 I may well give the PF a whirl. Thanks for the amp observations - apparently it;'s a known thing with the new Submersive amps, especially the 6000 watt version I have. They all have this very low level mains hum. I can’t hear it unless I stick my head into the driver but REW is sensitive enough to show it up. Because I couldn’t hear it and it was only showing up in measurements it drove me nuts trying to troubleshoot it. Eventually I did what I should have done in the...
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