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Untrue statement. The top end models from Onkyo, Marantz and Denon all feature Audyssey XT32. And even mid-priced Denons and Onkyos feature XT32 these days too.
 That is total nonsense. Check the 4520 thread and ask there if anyone is experiencing that reported "issue".
 True. Any way of doing it is fine, so long as one understands what is involved. Expecting an audible difference because one spends a lot, or because one has power that can never be utilised makes for a bad decision. But choosing huge monoblock amps purely because one likes the look of them is fine. It's when people make uninformed decisions that problems arise.
That is interesting because I had the w1070 as well and my Epson 5030 is quieter than the BenQ, noticeably so.
 Yes - that's why I wonder of there are FW differences that are not fully understood. My fan is of course noisier in 3D or High mode, but not so that it is disturbing and not noticeably louder than the JVC or Sony PJs I compared it with at the time of purchase.
 I am in the UK and have the 5030 which is the same model as the 9020 but it does have some differences - eg we don't get a THX mode. My PJ sits ceiling-mounted almost directly above my head at a distance of about 3-4 feet. I use Eco mode and I cannot hear the fan at all when any sort of content is playing. Nothing. If I pause the movie and listen real hard, I can just about hear the fan. This is in a dedicated and treated room in a house in the quiet countryside.  I am...
 Good suggestion. If one can overcome the prejudices against pro amps, they offer the most amazing value.
 Even if we agreed that there were any audible differences between modern electronics, it doesn’t matter. Because even if we did agree, the differences would be minuscule. However, the differences that speakers and the room make are absolutely HUGE,  So it makes zero sense to spend thousands of $$$ on electronics at the expense of speakers and the room. The single most important component in the system is the room. The room can account for swings in the frequency response...
It probably does sound better to you. But it isn’t in all likelihood the amps that sound different to each other - it's the way you did the tests/comparisons. Using your methods you can practically guarantee that the amps will sound different even when they don't.  By this I mean that you are using sighted evaluation, know which unit is playing, taking more than a second or two to swap between them, failing to level match them to 0.1dB and so on. Unless you are complying...
 Yeah - that's the problem.  If you used measuring instruments as well as listening instruments, and you did it in properly controlled conditions designed to remove bias, then you'd agree with the proposition that you would not be able to reliably measure or hear any differences at all between a passively biamped system and a 'nomally amped' system. Unless, of course you have something wrong in your setup - eg you are using bell wire for speaker cable, but I doubt that...
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