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 Yes. I use Harmony 1100.
 5509 Prepro. 5009, 3009, 3007, 1009, 1007 to my certain knowledge, and I believe 3010, 5010 also. Line level, nice 'sophisticated' clicks IYKWIM - not graunchy, crude clicks and not too loud IMO - but perhaps louder than I've heard from a reed switch.
 Not so sure. TCL is a publicly listed company and they have a good reputation in China as a serious electronics company.
 The speaker would have to be a really huge distance from the centre of the screen for any issues to become apparent. Toole calls it the 'ventriloquism effect' and it's a good description - our vision takes precedence and we hear the voices of the actors coming from where they are seen to be on the screen. My centre speaker is below my screen but try as hard as I might, I cannot manage to divorce the words coming out of the actor's mouth from where his head is placed on...
 Yes, true. The clicks never bothered me much but the processor and all the other gear is in a closet outside the HT now, so it can click all night for all I care :)
 I tried watching a movie with one eye closed, and they are right - there really is a great 3D effect. If you do it on a 2D version of a movie made in 3D - eg Avatar - it really is amazing. Of course, it is odd and strangely tiring to watch with one eye closed but these new monoscopic glasses will give the same effect in a more 'natural' way.  I like your analysis of the technology - makes sense to me.
 Object-based audio is as significant a step forward as when we went from stereo to surround. Some people won't want it and that is fine because the new AVRs will be backwards compatible with the old-tech, just like they are now. But anyone who wants to hear sounds located with pinpoint precision throughout their space will revel in it - not to mention the additional height layer giving a surround 'bubble' or 'sphere' rather than the 'circle' we currently have. You won’t...
 S'right. They click whenever the units cycle from, say, Dolby 2.0 to Dolby DD 5.1 to DTS HD-MA, to DTS-HD MA+PlIIz and so on. The only way to minimise it is go into the menus and set every codec to a 'default' output - eg set the lot to PLIIz (which I do). It can be annoying when watching TV where the formats are all over the place during commercials, for example. And on Blu-rays where the trailers do the same sort of thing.  
 He didn’t say when in March either. But we know now how much credibility that announcement had. I am guessing the April announcement will be equally credible. And you're right - they made a mistake when they added '2014' ;)
Still on schedule for this month:   No word from Big Dan about the March delivery date or why it never happened. I guess they won't dare make any announcements today though, for obvious reasons ;)   There's definitely a 'redefinition of the cinematic experience' coming. Unfortunately for Emo, it's called Atmos.
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