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 They do have a strange diet, but I'm not sure that their crap is any more toxic than that of us Westerners. And I know for a fact that they have toilets anyway.
 Probably. There is no doubt that object-based units will be announced in September. As I say, some may be available right away and some may not happen until next year. It is possible that the major players will adopt a different release schedule for their object-based units than they traditionally have. Onkyo, for example, usually announce new units around this time of the year for release in the fall, but that may change this year. Nobody can say for certain - we will...
 Audyssey doesn’t care where the sub is positioned - it just hears the noise it makes. The best practice is to optimise the sub's location prior to running Audyssey. Electronic EQ is good at pulling down peaks and raising genuine dips, but it can't do anything at all for room-induced nulls. So get the sub in the best place for bass and then run Audyssey to smooth out the response.
 I’d be surprised if you didn't like the Darbee. When you first get it, run a Blu-ray disc and set the Darbee to HD mode, 55%. This will give you a good idea of the improvement it makes, but in a subtle way. Later, try the Full Pop and SD modes and/or more or less % effect. All this will make sense when you have it in front of you. Please let us know how you get on with it!
Possibly. It is literally a couple of seconds before it goes to normal mode.
 Yup. I have a friend who has the same PJ and his starts the same way as ours. I assume it's normal (the PJ doesn't 'know' you're in Eco mode until it has booted up).
 That isn’t what I experience. The fan runs at high speed for about 3 seconds when the unit is started up. It then runs at the normal (Eco setting speed). There's no way it runs in high speed mode for 30 - 120 seconds.
 Ah right, sorry, I misunderstood you - my bad. The more speakers you use the better of course, although Atmos will work well with 5/7.1+4. That's the configuration I'll be using - I already have front heights so will only need to add two additional heights at the back.
 Like I said, the indications are that Atmos-enabled AVRs will be announced at prices that start IRO of $1,000. When you mention 11.x you are thinking in terms of the old (soon to be) channel-based units. Given that a decently implemented object-based domestic system might aim for 5.1+4 (the current arrangement of 5 speakers plus four height speakers - two in front and two at back) or 7.1+4, I think your fears are unfounded.  But the main point I think is that, currently,...
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